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The brand Oolive is all about appreciating natural beauty and craftsmanship. It’s a lifestyle, an emotion of how unique and authentic the pieces are. The brand that builds a community through our pieces where women embrace who they are, live meaningfully and support each other.

Olive Tree has been the inspiration of the brand. Its uniqueness, symbolic and specific properties were cherished and valued as much as a gemstone as it resists to all season even fire, and it’s abundant blooming fruits and properties were vital in providing economic growth. The Olive Tree reflects on the brand story and social purpose.

Their Jewelry Collections are Birthstones. A gemstone that represents a person’s month of birth. Birthstones are often worn as Jewelry or as a Pendant. And Oolive has each of them in each month handcrafted by artisan jewelers that are made from natural precious materials.


Birthstones, a jewelry concept that associates a unique, rare, and precious gem to each month of the year. Under this tradition, people wore birthstones to experience the power of their birth month gems, as legend has it, the gemstone radiates its magical powers to the wearer. Some wore it to mark meaningful life’s events from a specific month (like marriage and birth) or just because of the gem’s significance and spiritual meaning.

In certain societies, birthstones were worn each month by everyone, to heighten the powers of gemstones in their respective months. Throughout history, gemstones have long fascinated humanity and inspired myths and stories with their symbolic sense and unique nature. From biblical times, people have used it as decorative and personal ornaments, religious symbols, amulets, lucky charms, and also for medical purposes.


Birthstones by Months

January – Garnet 

This symbolizes Friendship and Trust – The word garnet comes from the Latin word for seedlike, “granatus”. This was a reference to their similar appearance to pomegranate seeds. The stone also means protection to explorers or travelers to carry garnets with them to ward off evil and light up the night.


February – Amethyst

This symbolizes Wisdom and Spirituality – Amythyst is a member of the quartz family of gems and is highly valued for their deep violet color and twinned crystal structure. Amethyst has been engraved and set into Jewelry since ancient Egypt and continued to be very popular today. The word comes from the word, “Amethystos” which translates to “not drunken”.


March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine Symbolizes Serenity – it is the blue member of the visually diverse Beryl Family. Pure Beryl is usually clear and all of the colors associated with it are caused by impurities. The blue color in aquamarines is a result of iron being present in the deposits where it formed. Aquamarines are used by the sailors for a variety of calming purposes like getting a good night sleep by keeping it under their pillow at night or warding off poisons and bad food by keeping one in their pocket while eating. Aquamarines are also said to harmony in your marriage. These benefits combine to make an aquamarine a great gift for new brides, moms, and especially your “eccentric” friend who is planning to sail around the world.

April – White Topaz

White Topaz symbolizes Love and Strength – is the second most common family of gemstones on the planet and are found in a variety of colors due to impurities (Similar to beryl family). Its natural color is clear and is found all over the world in every kind of rock formation. Frequently they can be found inside “geodes”, hollow masses of mineral formed by quartz in gas bubbles in cooling volcanic rock or the dissolution of sedimentary rock that is replaced with quartz particles.


May – Emerald

Emerald symbolizes Good Fortune and Hope – emeralds are unique among gemstones because their surfaces are very resistant to scratches but the crystal lattice that makes up the gem is susceptible to fracturing from impacts. For that reason, an emerald with no cracks are visible to the naked eye is classified as flawless even if there are flaws that can be magnified using magnification. Emeralds are named after Vulgar Latin words, “Esmeralda” and “Esmaraldus” which translates roughly to a green gem. Emeralds are a great gift for someone who needs a reminder that winter doesn’t last forever (even in the north-east!).


June – Moonstone

Moonstone Symbolizes Feminity – June’s birthstones range from creamy-colored opalescent pearl and moonstone to the rare color-changing Alexandrite. Moonstone was named by the Roman natural historian Pliny, who wrote that moonstone’s shimmery appearance shifted with the phases of the moon.

July – Ruby

Ruby symbolizes Wealth – Rubies are a special form of the mineral corundum that would be considered a sapphire if it weren’t for their characteristic dark red color. The red color comes from the “chromium” present in the ruby. Rubies with an insufficient amount of chromium are labeled ‘pink sapphires’ and aren’t allowed to play in any of the gemstone games when they’re growing up in volcanic rock formations.


August – Peridot

Peridot Symbolizes Vitality – peridot is the term used to differentiate gem-quality olivine from liver specimens. Its color is always yellow-green and the darker a specimen, the more valuable it is. The darkness of the stone is dictated by the amount of iron present.


September – Blue Sapphire

Sapphire Symbolizes Wisdom – Coming in a variety of colors, but best known

October – Pink Tourmaline and Opal

Pink Tourmaline and Opal Symbolizes Friendship and Harmony – Opal is the primary birthstone for October along with Pink Tourmaline. Many people are unaware that Opal, one of the birthstones for October, is Australia’s national gemstone. Australia mines 95% of the world’s precious black and white opal and offers opals of many varieties used in jewelry, including milky opal, jelly opal, boulder opal, crystal opal, and some fire opal


November – Citrine

Citrine Symbolizes Success – Citrine is also known as “success stone” because it brings success and prosperity, especially in business. And it is also called the “Merchant’s Stone” because of the practice of placing this stone in the cash registers at stores.


December – Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Symbolizes Love and Contentment – Blue topaz is one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones today. From early times, these shining blue stones have captivated us and inspired our imaginations. The meanings behind the blue topaz jewel may have been inspired by ancient beliefs, but we still find them relevant and significant today.

As all natural creations, each gem is unique and has its own natural color which has been crafted over time after a hundred, thousand or even millions of years. Color variation from the presented photo is normal and makes the charm of your birthstone.

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