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衣架 was born in China in 2012 and as a high-end women’s brand under the Oriental International Group it delivers a unique style con contemporary design mixed with Oriental inspiration. After 6 years in the market, the brand has brought the first and second line to the Shanghai Fashion Week. And a keen insight into China’s “new middle class” this brand is targeting 28 – 40 years old mature woman group. The committed to providing them with elegant and exquisite high fashion.

 “Art is derived from life and above life”. Exploring the infinite possibilities between society and the environment, the prints and accessories inspires this chic brand. Indicating that clothing is the extension of human character. It conveys emotions and interpreting life. As a luxury brand, “衣架” is rooted in China with a unique contemporary oriental aesthetic. Using this visual to grow on the international market addressing the design concept of “elegance, independence, and non-conventional flow”.

Looking to provide contemporary women with clothing that meets both aesthetics and spiritual needs. 衣架 advocates the image of modern women and encourages modern knights who are brave in pursuing self and discovering inner strength. While paying attention to the present, the brand is more willing to explore the courageous and introverted personality traits of contemporary women. It extended it to clothing, conveying emotions and expressing styles.

Design Director

Yan Ling Ling has 16 years of work experience in the apparel industry. She has a strong sense of trend, working on the business for brands like Lily. Working now on 衣架 dedicated to elegance and confidence.

Chinese modern women, create exquisite and comfortable high fashion. Under her leadership, 衣架 design team bases on originality and brings more than 100 original fashions to China’s women every year.

Shanghai Fashion Week x Rosi Ross

Hanger show x SFW

Runway “New Knight Spirit”

Using retro style and exquisite details to interpret the contemporary women’s “New Knight Spirit”.  It is the season inspiration of the brand. It’s the new renaissance trend of medieval art and is driven by the current retro trend and spiritual resonance to be “in touch” in women’s issues.

Brave, confident, elegant, and restrained is the essence of the series “2019 New Knight Spirit”. Inspired by the life and work of Muse Georgia O’ Keeffe, the design of the brand excavates woman more tenacious beauty because of their self -confidence, encouraging women to liberate their bondage, embrace the items and enjoy themselves.

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