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Lafuma, “Le Feiye” in Chinese was born in 1930 in Annecy-France and named after the three brothers (Victor, Alfred & Gabriel) who founded the brand out of their attachment to mountains and nature. The brand logo represents a maple leaf that is everywhere in France, conveying the brand spirit, freedom, romance, and awe. Lafuma is a French outdoor fashion brand with a combination of travel, life, nature, and city.


Lafuma products are designed with style and ergonomic to provide the best comfort and protection in all outdoor activities. When it comes to “durability”, this is the product that “us” as a consumer will be able to keep for a long time, in total confidence, and whose manufacture and use will have the lowest possible impact to our environment.

For 8 decades, Lafuma has been designing products that are built to last, resisting the worst conditions, the mountains can throw at them. In 2013, Lafuma clothing style has changed to be more fashionable, not only outdoors, but also casual and fashionable clothing that can be worn in the city.

According to the statistics of the French Sports Association, Lafuma is a leading outdoor brand in Europe and France. Today, Lafuma has traveled through 45 countries and regions around the world for 87 years. It is recognized as an international first-line outdoor lifestyle brand with a wide range of products, high technology content, unique design, and practicality.

Product Technology

When technology is fashionable, a fabric technology revolution in the outdoor industry is launched. Recently, Lafuma has announced its own tech series LXT, which are divided into eight series: waterproof, windproof, ultra-light, quick-drying, lightweight, warm, heat, antibacterial, etc., to meet the various functional needs.

Lafuma Design Director

Ali Zaijing is currently working as a design director at Lafuma China. In 2014, when she prepared her master’s thesis in the UK, she felt the charm of the Chinese market. When she graduated, she came to work in China. In 2007, she entered the Lafuma brand under the LG FASHION, a famous Korean fashion company. In the traditional outdoor clothing that focuses on Performance and Function, the addition of Style and Color differentiated elements has been recognized as soon as it is available, and it has also achieved a 10x increase in 2007-2010.




Lafuma was one of the highlighted runaways on the show during Shanghai Fashion Week and me being a street style lover and a sports kind of girl couldn’t miss this RSVP. There were about 41 pieces being showcased by models, all mixed on skin tone, hair style, and body complexities with a runaway mood that put you to wonder about a next hike or outdoor adventure. I love most of the pieces and really got my sporty spirit.


Image result for 上海时装周 lafuma

Image result for 上海时装周 lafuma

Image result for 上海时装周 lafuma


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