Fashionista at heart. Aesthetics lover. Neuroscience & quantum physics enthusiast and a memes fanatic! Half Panamanian, born in Venezuela and currently based in Shanghai, China. That’s me in a nutshell.

Driven by a passion for aesthetics and an appreciation of all things stylish, I strive for beautifying all that surrounds us. I strongly believe we have the inner power to improve physically, emotionally and financially within ourselves.

The broad experience that I have acquired working and collaborating with multiple worldwide companies online and offline in diverse media fields, allows me to offer exquisite services tailored to the specific needs of individual clients, brands and media in China and worldwide.  As one of the industry’s top media specialists, I crafted the virtualization technique as a unique method to strategically link and connect tech, e-commerce, media, and fashion.

This is one of my many outcomes of being an entrepreneur, TEDx contributor and fashionista. Continually inspired by the concept of beauty as an applied philosophy that can manifest itself in the different domains of life including technology and business.

My entrepreneurial work features magazines, TV, fashion shows, lookbooks, social media branding, personal shopping and individual wardrobe design.

Welcome to a style-refining and a life-enhancing experience!



  • “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 🍙🍥
  • My squad is ADDICTED to girls trips so much that we even travel to each other cities to explore and create new stories🚀
If you and your girls or pawls are looking forward to summer trips or have never ever planned one you can find plenty of advices and To Do’s on my blog!📨
Keep in mind that girls/boys trips will always:
- Evolve your stash of inside jokes 🥳
- Upload your playlist moments 😻
- Strength your bond with solid memories 🤗
- Quality and prime girl/boys talk 🤔
- More people, more affordable trips 😯
- Inside group motivation and improvement 🥰
Remember: investing time on the people you love boost your body’s production of oxytocin or happy hormone🌟🦄🌟
There’s is a world to discover🌏🌍🌎
  • 💫Serotonin Checklist for Summer🌈
- Eat some fruit 🍒
- Give yourself a break/a pause/a moment to walk outside (or look out the window if you can’t) and even if the weather is TEEEERRIBLE remember that nature is just doing her thing ⛈
- Stay hydrated 💧
- Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you made. Mistakes exist so we can learn & better ourselves every time.
- Say something nice to a friend/family member
- Try and incorporate some veggies into your day if you haven’t already🥦
- Listen to a great song that makes you feel good
- Keep drinking that 💧 boo, it’ll make your skin glow to the gods I promise 🌊
- Make your space look nice ~ it’ll motivate you to be productive
- If you can’t manage some or all of these things, don’t beat yourself up. - - Tomorrow exists and everything WILL BE 🆗! 💕💞💖💕💞💖💕💞💖💕💞💖💕💞
- Remember to drink your water💧 - Meet new magical places🌴🍀
  • Summer is approaching🌴👙🌞
What are your top places to visit? 
If you are looking for a cool girls trip with your besties @vasimav and I just updated a couple of things to do in the beautiful BRUNEI 🇧🇳💕
From 5🌟 @nexusresort to the wild money @marimarisepanggarisland no matter if you like snorkelling, diving or just laying down on the beach, this one is for girls who love summer just like us🐒
Perfect for amazing memories with your squad👅
  • @cosmetea_official def. know what it takes to deliver the kind of experience that keeps customers coming back😍
Besides having innovative formulas and cool products that are super light for any kind of skin their customer experience is a whole new level of EXTRA💥
Check your their Pure Tea Moisturiser and their Pure Tea Close Pore Night Cream 💘💘💘💘💘💘
It’s a Korean beauty brand not to miss💥