Let’s say you have a friend, who is really good at what he/she does and he/she is creating a new project. You know if you have the chance to join, you join right?

So, my friend Josh has this idea that after offices shouldn’t be only about drinks and silly conversations. Honestly, most people spend 8 to 10 hours in an office which means almost 50% of their daily lives. I am sure that if someone offers an after office where you can talk, listen and brainstorm about interesting things, for sure YOU JOIN!


That time between clocking out of work and hitting the sheets every night is yours to do whatever you want. Using that time to pursue something meaningful to you, doing something different and interesting will immensely improve not only your total well being but the sense of self-worth.

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why doing some hang out after work is good for you. That is why my top 4 reasons are here, to motivate you to join any after work event (and know in advance is worthy).

1. Share the same interests. 

Turning the people you work with or -harder- finding people with your same interest when you are an adult tend to be complicated. Attending to ANY kind of event which is into your topics of interest is the perfect way to gain more friends and wide your personal circle, either if it is about music, business or arts, you will get to know new people and increase your knowledge.

2. It’s fun.

Fun talks itself. Usually, the goal of the after the office is a couple of drinks, then why not engage it with a cool theme and interesting topics to talk about? Everyone needs a moment to share some ideas and enjoying a drink, this is the perfect way to talk about other stuff than work and relax.

3. Encourages Thought

Getting together with a bunch of people you do not know can have the benefit to come across ideas you don’t know. Brainstorming encourages people at all levels to think critically and does criticism in a positive fulfilling way about current issues or future goals – and this is likely to feed into their future endeavors within their lives, relationships, and personal goals.

4. Build Relationships

Instead of one person feeling the pressure to come up with an amazing new idea, sharing any kind of thought allows people to share the load of things they have in their minds. Encourages others to work on new projects respectfully and responsibly, develop ideas for themselves and for others and many times create viable solutions to problems attendants have in common. Helping others and understanding common thoughts help to build new and strong relationships. 

Now you know why you should not only support your friends –who have good ideas and projects– but also encourage other people in your community to join, develop and create environments when people can talk and discuss anything they have in their minds. As they say, great minds discuss ideas.



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