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Bluetooth-powered or the “wireless” devices are currently one of the crazy trends today. These wireless devices are usually incorporate with high-end smartphones. Most people are mad about purchasing multiple couples of hundreds of price of devices. Apple Smartphones have removed their 3.5 mm jack. As a result, patrons have opted to use lightning-connected earphones or Airpod®. 

Airpod® is low-blue-tooth accessory that replaces your wired Apple Earphone. Airpod® with lightning port case, currently priced at USD 159 on retail. Therefore, one of the most expensive wireless earphones in the market. With this price range, it is considered as luxurious. More over, we wanted nothing to happen with our Airpod®. So many companies have manufactured protective cases to house your device to prevent scratches and shock-proofed the device. 



AGGSKAL Air-pods

These protective cases are usually made of ballistic nylon and silicone. Silicone is usually the top choice for many manufacturers, as it absorbs more shock than any other materials and better grip when holding.

Aggskal is one of the best manufacturers of Airpod® cases. It is thin, made of premium-grade silicone, stain-resistant, shock-proof. It is ergonomically-designed for everyday use. No matter what condition you maybe, you will feel safer because Aggskal made sure that your device is fully protected.

3D nicking pattern for better grip while carrying. An outdoorsy person would instantly fall in love with this. During your outdoor trip, chances of scratching your devices or worst breaking it is higher, and we would not want that to happen to our beloved devices.



Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Made from Eco-friendly materials meaning all products are recyclable. Every now and then people always choose Eco-friendly materials, as it helps us to reduce the carbon footprints we leave on Earth. Excessive carbon footprints will increase greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and CFCs, which affect a drastic change to our climate and leads to Ozone Layer depletion. With the help of many manufacturers in the world who produce Eco-friendly products such as Aggskal, our Ozone Layer is recovering from its depletion, it will take a few more decades for our Ozone Layer to totally heal itself.

Currently available in Dark Blue, Purplish Blue, Green, Concrete Grey, Hot Pink, and Light Pink.



There is no other better way protecting your Airpod® with these new and innovative Aggskal

aggskal airpod cases review x Rosi Ross

aggskal airpod cases review x Rosi Ross

aggskal airpod cases review x Rosi Ross

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