Mykonos is all about good vibes and style, posh beach bars, fabulous parties, chic people, cool restaurants and incredible energy. The mystic Greek Island Mykonos is the Crown Jewel of the Cycladic islands. These islands are on the shores of Greece and an hour drive from Naxos. According to Greek mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. And the island was named after Apollo’s grandson “Mykonos” a local hero, who was their first ruler.

The tourist never misses a chance to watch the golden glory of the sun shimmering on the shores in the morning. In the evening, the sky takes on a soft pastel hue as the sun sets, which is one of my favorite things to experience. The Islanders of Mykonos lead a simple life steeped in tradition. You see the doors painted in bright dark blue and all white to soft the feeling of the hot sun on the houses and spaces. Mykonos’ nickname is “The Island of the Winds” and because of these winds, one of the defining features of the Mykonian landscape is the windmills.

To catch the sunset at every single place, the trick is TO ARRIVE EARLY and to make enough time to stay. This means that wherever you go for the sunset organize your schedule to stay for the evening, as most places get fully crowded and changing places is not a good idea. Iconic places usually have a dining or appetizers menu, so go for it.



One of my recommended places to see the sunset is the Windmills. Powered by the north wind, these windmills used to ground grain into flour until the early 20th century. Many of them were built in the 16th century.

The famous Mykonos windmills are Kato Mili (Lower Windmill) which stands strategically on a hill overlooking the sea and are beautifully lit up at night. Boni’s Windmill (Up the Hill) now a folklore museum is highly recommended for its incredible and stunning view of Little Venice houses, especially at sunset. The windmills are symbols of an important aspect of the history of the island and many of them have been refurbished and restored. No windmills are in operation today but others around the island now served as homes to locals and storage spaces. It’s perfect for outdoors, something well organized and of course, made by yourself, like making a picnic with some local Greek wine!

Little Venice (Alefkántra)

Little Venice is the opposite of the iconic windmills and a beautiful scenic view for the sunset. Lively, noisy and bustling with life and is one of the most famous and charming spots on the island. The area got its name as the “picturesque setting in the sea” for its amazing view and the colorful aesthetics by the small houses and businesses overlooking the sea. It was built in the mid-18th century and originally belonged to the rich merchants or captains.

It has little basement doors that provide direct access to the sea and underground storage area which led people to believe that the owners were secretly pirates. LOL. It has been said that behind these doors above the waterline, pirates would store their loot, and actually, when you see it with your eye, you can believe it too. Today, they have been converted to elegant bars, cozy restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. You will reach the Little Venice walking from the windmills down the stairs, but make sure you get a sport around 4pm, the place is mostly packed after 5.


“The trick is to arrive early, so organize your schedule to stay for the evening.”



Scorpios is my favorite place! Laid-back luxury atmosphere plus stunning views over the sea and top notch service. Classy, good aesthetics, stylish people, yacht port and of course, good food. No doubt, the most amazing beach club in Mykonos and definitely one you should not miss. The setting, the ambiance, the music, the decors, and the sunsets are absolutely to die for!

The Scorpios bar host live music at most nights. The sunset ritual – where violins play live as the sunsets, culminating in the most beautiful crescendo as the sun dips behind the sea – this is something you NEED to experience. Also, you can make some lux shopping -they have their own design shop focussed on beachwear and lot of vegan leather and fur-. Make sure to make a reservation with a day in advance or you probably won’t gonna make it.

180 Sunset Bar

This bar is part of the Mykonos Castle Panigirakis, a hotel, and event place. The outdoor bar is perched on a hill allowing for breathtaking panoramic views overlooking Mykonos town, the famous windmills, the harbor, and the most captivating and magical sunsets!

The best way to reach the bar is by walking, you can also go by vehicle but be aware that the roads are steep and narrow. We walk the whole thing and this was an adventure, just make sure you are NOT wearing high heels. As you reach the top of the hill just over the town, you’ll be rewarded with stellar views and yummy cocktails with seats and sofas dotted among its ancient architectural features, meaning you’ll want to stay for more than just the panorama.

The bar offers a full cocktail list, Greek and International wine and champagne menu. They don’t currently have a full dining menu but do offer some lights snacks so you better stop somewhere for dinner before going up! One more time, make sure to make a booking before you go, in this place any spot is a good spot but gets crowded in the blink of an eye.


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