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Jurlique is an Australian brand founded by Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike in 1985. Ulrike is a horticulturist and botanist specialized in growing healing herbs.  Jurgen is a biochemist and naturopath. He created the original formulas behind skincare products. They were determined to use their deep knowledge of botany and biochemistry to unlock the healing powers of nature. And they aim to provide the purest and the most natural skincare products to customers.

Jurlique has its own bio-dynamic farm in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. They grow 30 different botanicals, such as roses, lavender, yarrow, marshmallow, chamomile, and pansies on a 42-hectare property near Mylor in Adelade Hills, South Australia. They grew these without using any chemicals and fully extract the beneficial elements from the botanical through a unique patented Bio-intrinsic Process. Through which reformulate and utilize the potent ingredients from the plants to the final products.

The brand is one of the leaders in Prestige’s natural skincare products worldwide. It offers a wide range of products targeting different types of skin concerns. Nowadays, it is carried by thousands of retails stores, Duty-free stores,  and beauty salons around the world. Jurlique believed that the best ingredients come directly from nature. And thus, it is committed to bringing positive influence to environmental sustainability. It minimizes waste and energy during the process of farming and manufacturing. It adopts green and environmental packages, and it set goals to reduce negative impacts on our Earth and annually. 



The philosophy of Jurlique is pursuing beauty through the combination of nature and science. Jurlique not only provides beauty solutions through its organic skincare products with high performance but also inspires customers to pursue a healthy lifestyle through natural and scientific ways of living. The brand believed that when it comes to skincare, health, and well-being, nature is the answer! Nature has the power to create, nurture and soothe. This is why the brand captures the power and distill it to the products. And this was supported by a series of environmental movements, allowing the brand to flourish for the past 25 years.




The brand story began over 25 years ago back in 1985 in Adelaide, Southern Australia. The Founder, Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike, searched all over the world for the richest and cleanest earth on which to start up their farm and skincare business. After finding it in Adelaide Hills, they began to plant and cultivate Jurlique’s variety of plants, herbs, and Flowers. These leads them to the unique blends you see in their products today. After spending the last 25 years unearthing potent organic and bio-dynamic ingredients, and developing their unique Bio-intrinsic process to create the purest, most powerful skincare possible, Jurlique has truly become one of the best skincare brands in the industry.




  • The Farm and Warehouse where ingredients are grown and products are produced uses 260 solar panels, which produces 65KW  of energy each and every year.
  • They use recycled messmate timber, low Volatile Organic Components (VOC) paints, and low voltage energy-efficient lighting.
  • It has began using plastic packaging, which eliminates 70 % of production wastage and saves 4 trees for every 1,000kg of product produced.
  • The company’s goals is to maximize natural ingredients in their products, aiming for natural content above 95%. And they are committed to sourcing their ingredients from sustainable and fair-trade supplier.





Rosewater Balancing Mist


Rosewater Balancing Mist

$18.98 ( Shop Now )

Jurlique’s most iconic product just got better. Instantly hydrates, restores and refreshes skin, even over makeup. Reformulates using the new, specially-grown Jurlique Rose extract. That’s proven to improve skin barrier function and hydration. This much-loved Rosewater Balancing mist is a skincare must-have. Leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated, soothed and well-balanced. Essences from Rose protecting the skin and restoring its natural glow. – not to mention a beautiful scent you won’t find anywhere.

Key Benefits:
  • Provides instant hydration and supports moisture balance
  • Restores skin’s radiance for a naturally glowing complexion
  • Refreshes makeup throughout the day and protects from external aggressors
How to Use:
  • Lightly mist onto face or mist into hands and gently press onto
  • Use after cleansing as part of your daily skincare ritual for instant hydration.


Rose Moisture Plus Moisturizing Lotion.


Rose Moisture Plus Moisturizing Lotion

$43.80 ( Shop Now )

Lightweight in texture. The moisturizing lotion provides lasting hydration to dehydrated skin. Essential fatty acids from Rose Hip Oil nourish the skin. Shea Butter helps restore and improve the natural barrier function. Natural plant-based antioxidants protect against environmental aggressors. And leave skin looking smooth and radiant.

Key Benefits:
  • Delivers the dual benefits of hydration and protection
  • Fragranced with a blend of naturally derived rose essential oils
  • Protects against environmental aggressors
How to Use:
  • Warm a small amount between fingertips and gently press onto face, neck and décolletage daily. 
  • Apply morning and/or night. Avoid the eye area



Rose Hand Cream

Rose Hand Cream

$30.66 ( Shop Now )

Luxurious hand cream with the uplifting natural scent of Rose. One of our original and most loved products. A luxurious and rich hand cream features the heavenly and uplifting signature scent of Rose. It’s enriched with botanical extracts to soothe and calm the skin. Leave hands hydrated, softened and protected..

Key Benefits:
  • Rich, protective hand cream to rebalance dryness and restore smoothness.
  • It provides lasting hydration and possesses natural-based antioxidant properties.
  • Leaves hands feeling soft and supple.
How to Use:
  • Apply a small amount to hands, and massage into hands until fully absorbed. 
  • Re-apply as required throughout the day.


Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Gel

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Gel

$36.50 ( Shop Now )


This energizing eye treatment fuses the action of plant-based antioxidants with intense moisture and gel technology. Japanese Cedar Bud and Yarrow extract helps to firm the eye contour area and smooth lines. Silk Tree extract helps brighten and reduce puffiness. The ultra-light gel formula both deeply hydrates and forms a silky barrier against moisture loss. Leaves eyes visibly refreshed, radiant and youthful.

Key Benefits:
  • An intensively moisturizing eye gel to reduce signs of fatigue and aging
  • Visibly brightens, reduces puffiness and firms eye contours
  • Potent and farm-grown botanical smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles
How to Use:
  • Pump a pearl-sized dose onto fingertips and apply with patting, smoothing motion after serum and before moisturizer.


Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil


Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil

$24.82 ( Shop Now )


Upon contact with water, this light cleansing oil transforms into a rich cleansing milk. It hydrates and softens the skin as it removes makeup including waterproof mascara, excess oil, pollution and impurities. It’s enriched with exceptional plant-based oils to nourish the complexion to improve suppleness. Skin feels smoother and softer and looks more radiant. This is suitable for all skin types.

Key Benefits:
  • Nourishes, nurtures, and hydrates
  • Smooths soften and brightens
  • Restores skin suppleness for a youthful look
How to Use:
  • Massage 2-3 pumps onto dry skin including eye area.
  • Add warm water to emulsify and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use morning and night. If irritation occurs, rinse thoroughly.


Jurlique Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil

Jurlique Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil

$13.14 ( Shop Now )

This exclusive blend of nourishing botanical oils is designed specifically to treat and care for nails and cuticles. It’s enriched with Sweet Almond, Avocado and Macadamia Seed Oils to soothe and soften cuticles. It helps them look neater and less ragged. High-performance botanical extracts also help strengthen dry and brittle nails to help reduce splitting and breakage.

Key Benefits:
  • Moisturizes softens and soothes cuticles.
  • It helps reduce the appearance of nail ridges.
  • Strengthens nails to help reduce nail splitting and breakage.
How to Use:
  • Apply a small amount to the cuticle and gently massage on and around the nail.
  • Use daily or as needed.