syphon coffee brew rosi ross

The concept of Syphon Coffee Brew date back to the mid-1800s, when people were in agreement that boiling their coffee killed the taste, and they started experimenting with vacuum and vapor pressure. I did try it and it was AMAZING. All details on this post!

Primorsky Aquarium x Rosi Ross

The Primorsky Aquarium is situated on the coast of the Sea of Japan on Russky Island. This is one of the three largest aquariums in the world as my second trip to Vladivostok I couldn’t miss it! From animals to research it was an adventure.

Rosi Ross What to do in Boracay

Boracay is the world-famous tourist hot spot destination. Known for its idyllic combination of sun, sand, sea, and a fantastic nightlife scene for any holiday. It has a long stretch of beach that spans three stations, perfect for any girls or boys trip. Check it out here!

Rosi Ross x Summer Time Girls Trip

Trips, Trips, Trips! There is nothing that motivates me and excites me the most! Traveling with your best girl or male friends enhances your relationship, allows you to know the other person better and also teach you a lot about who your true friends are.

Rosi Ross x Oolive Jewerly

Oolive is all about appreciating natural beauty and craftsmanship. It’s a lifestyle, an emotion of how unique and authentic the pieces are. This brand builds a community through pieces where women embrace who they are, living meaningfully and supporting each other.  

Theodora Watches x Rosi Ross

A time to make things work, a time to make things better, and a time to live in the moment and be happy. And it’s time to talk about Theodora Watches, one that tracks precious moments and the reason why my time flies so fast sometimes.

Urban Xtreme x Be In Black Vladivostok Rosi Ross

In order to get over my fear of heights and learn more about Acrophobia, I got in contact with David -known on IG as @be_in_black – by the hashtag of Rooftop and Urban Photography Vladivostok. We made an amazing shot together and I learn everything about it.

What to do in Vladivostok

Packing for any winter place will depend a lot on the kind of trip you’re doing. Whether it’s spending your day in the city, visiting famous attractions will require very different clothing than enjoying outdoors. This is my essential list for a short winter trip.


If you are planning a trip to Russia, you will surely be wondering when is the best time to go. Vladivostok is the largest Pacific port in Russia and has the world’s biggest aquarium called Primorsky. The perfect place to visit if you are on the Far East of the World.

If you are looking to change the look of a space radically, renewing the ambiance and welcoming different styles, bright colors or vibrant, fresh fabrics and adding go-to items to complement, Tales On Silk brings the right mix of aesthetics.

Self-love is F*king hard! The important thing is to recognise, accept and work to go back to our best self. These are my 4 key things to do to make sure my love scale is not failing to the person I love the most, myself.

Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world. It’s the most important holiday in China and to Chinese people all over. 2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig, discover in this post what is it about.

We all know China is the country with the highest population, pollution, seething crowds, and constant noise! Also is a place you can deeply love. Here’s my personal list of things you have to know before living in China.

In China only about 1% of people are Christians so Christmas is celebrated only in the major cities. It’s not even a holiday during December 25th so here is my list of things to do if you ever stay in Shanghai for this dates.

In Hong, Kong Rooftops are too many and definitely, the place to relax the mind, unwind, eat, coffee and experience to see the world in a bigger picture. Here are on my experience the ones you deserve a visit!

We all experience stress and worries, also happiness and thankfulness, for different reasons. Either you want to move forward, keep your mind focus or grow in your business these are my recommended daily practices.

A lot of people have asked me to advise them about places for their own trips to Shanghai, these are my favorite Temples and the ones you must visit to have a life-changing experience in this city. 

Buying on the internet is part of our lives today. From a coffee to your next outfit, the feeling of waiting for a delivered package is unique, so here’s how to stay safe while doing your online shopping.

Since I do work on E-commerce and live in China where is a must to shop everything using the internet or any phone APP. These are my top reasons to dare yourself to give a walk to the mall.

Buying products online can be good or bad depending on the amount of research and knowledge we have about online shopping. Here some of the things you should be aware under my experience on E-commerce.

Shanghai Fashion Week is the most important place to know what is the importance of every fashion design and lifestyle brand behind Chinese eyes. Packed with events and runaways here everything I learned from my experience attending it.

Saving money is to figure out how much you spend and keep track of all expenses during a trip. No matter if you do backpacking or luxury travel, these strategies are for you.

Doing a girls trip is often described as a bonding experience and an amazing way to learn more about the world, friendship and  yourself. These are my best and most personal safety tips.

Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, ranking in the world’s top 20 countries. Be safe checking this list in order for you to be aware of the do’s and don’ts while visiting this country.

Satisfying your appetite for adventure this cosmopolitan island provides whatever you desire! Let’s make clear this is an all night long party island. Here my top things to do. Either you party or don’t.

Satisfying your appetite for adventure this cosmopolitan island provides whatever you desire! Let’s make clear this is an all night long party island. Here my top things to do. Either you party or don’t.

Naxos town has beautiful old churches, fantastic aesthetics, traditional food, and Venetian castles. Attractive if you are seeking sunlight, bars, and bikinis, but also if you are looking for original Greek culture and nature to go along with it. Here is why.

In Mykonos you will never miss a chance to watch the golden glory of the sun shimmering on the shores in the morning. In the evening, the sky takes on a soft pastel hue as the sun sets. This are the best places for this experience.

If you are looking for a comfy, well designed athleisure brand Hash is the one. Made 100% in the UK with a wide range of design and cool aesthetics. This brand is for you!

From Australia to USA major brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are ruling the athleisure industry, but non-traditional brands like HASH are quickly catching up and getting us in style.

Shanghai is a city of paradox and change, it is the American Dream “a la Chinoise” here 10 fun and weird facts about this city that can take you to know it better.

Psychology has study the role of friends in our lives since long time ago and whether we realize it or not, friends are a good, healthy pill in our lives at any stage of it. This is just a small story why friendship needs to be celebrated everyday.

My friend Josh has this cool idea that after offices must be fun, educative, talkative and full of brainstorming. I had to join and here are my 4 reasons why.

I had to visit Seoul for 3 days and make the most of my trip. So I decided to document myself after my trip. Here there things that will make you come back.

Last month I had the opportunity to visit for the first time Madrid, starting the spring and also staring a new local project. I decided to hang out and meet the most iconic places in town.

I have been asked which are my top self-development books. So I will enlighten you with 6 top books that will change your life. Regardless of the topic each one of them can shift your mindset about business, networking, health and wealth.

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