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Imagine strolling through the sidewalk and coming across a dress shop.  Your eye catches a beautiful dress and you immediately know it is meant for you. Your mind mapping the different places you will wear and the different ways to accessorize it. You walk into the store with a conceited look on your face to try out the size and end up extremely disappointed, seeing the dress looks horrible on you. I’m sure you have encountered such a situation at least once in your lifetime. If not, you are lucky!

The difference in what the dress is and what it looks on you is your body type. Different dresses are designed for different body types. Some dresses will look better on your sister than you just because your body types are entirely different. Let me explain to you the basic different body types of women in the world and how to dress best with them.


Apple Shaped Body Type

This body type generally has a heavy top than the bottom when the bust is at least three inches bigger than the hips. General characteristics of an apple-shaped body type are slim limbs but broad shoulders. Most of your body weight is around your midsection and chest, which makes your bosom look larger. This body type has a very less defined waistline.

To dress best for this body type, wear clothes that draw attention away from your midsection and accentuate your upper and lower parts of the body. V-necks need to be your go-to if you possess this body type. Wearing long sleeves can conceal some of the upper body heaviness. If you are wearing a breezy over-sized top, make sure you balance out the look with skinny pants. Avoid wearing dresses that are fitted at your waist. Your power pieces are anything that has a V-neck, boyfriend button-ups and A-line dresses. Patterns and dark colors can really flatter your look,making your body look balanced and proportional.

Pear-Shaped Body Type

If you are the opposite of an apple shape, you have a pear-shaped body. This one has a heavy bottom i.e. having hips larger than the bust. The upper body: the shoulders, arms, bust, are narrower than the lower body: the hips, thighs, and legs.

The trick to looking your best if you have a pear-shaped body is to direct attention to your upper half. Tops are your gaming zone as you will look fabulous in fitted shirts because of your narrow arms and shoulder. Choose flared or straight-leg pants to balance the look on your body. Statement necklaces and earrings are your secret weapons. Your power pieces are plunging necklines, scoop necks and bell-sleeves.

 Rectangle Shaped Body

If you look in the mirror and see a relatively straight body shape, you have a rectangular body where the waistline, bust, and hips are approximately the same. This body type is not as curvy as the other ones. If you have this body type, you will generally have flat shoulders. Your waist will be one to eight inches smaller than your bust. Your waistline will not be defined. You can, however, still have a curvier bottom or top despite being a rectangle-shaped body.

No matter what you wear, you look great if you have this body type. You have the option of showing off or hiding anything you wish. Your aim, however, is to create the illusion of more curves. Pinching your waist is one way to achieve that which can be done using fancy belts. Avoid wearing baggy clothes which will make you even less curvy. Wearing skinny jeans can really give your body a toned look. Since this body type generally has great legs, short skirts and tights will look best on the body. Your power pieces are halter dresses, scoop, and round necklines and the favorite of these is going strapless. Make sure you flaunt your perfect back and narrow shoulders.

Hourglass Shaped Body

This type is the rarest of them all in which the hip and bust measurements are approximately the same and the waistline is very well defined. If you have a very proportional top and bottom, you are an hourglass. It is generally the most envied body shape. This type is generally on the curvy side.

Tailored dresses should be your go-to if you have an hourglass-shaped body. Shapeless, baggy clothes make your body loo unattractive. Remember you do not want to look boxy. You have balanced curves which you need to embrace!

Play with your waist by wearing accessories around it. Avoid too deep necklines as you already have a great bust. Wear supportive bras to avoid your bust looking saggy. Your power pieces are V-necklines, wrap tops and fitted clothes.


Due to rapidly changing trends, buying clothes best suited for your body type can be strenuous. Do not let that upset you. No matter what fashion or trend, if you do not feel great in what you wear or how you feel, it means the brands you are shopping from are not doing their job well and you certainly need to switch.

BCBG Max Azria is one brand that aims to fulfill every woman’s needs, no matter what size. For over 30 years, BCBG Max Azria has been a lot of women’s fashion destination. If you need to fix your wardrobe and fill in clothes that suit your body type, you need to visit their store or shop online. BCBG Max Azria provides fashion lines for every occasion, taste and body type. Their chic dresses and gowns are most famous among trendsetters and celebrities. It is the first Los Angeles brand to show on New York Fashion Week. It has dominated the LA market because of its price points despite its designer quality clothing. I will introduce you to some of its latest designs for you to choose from.

BCBG Jennifer Gown

This classical halter gown is timeless. It has an evening allure to it which gives it an elegance every woman craves. The dress is sleeveless and has a beautiful V-neck, with a flounced, asymmetrical hemline. Apple and hourglass-shaped bodies can best wear this dress because of its V-neck. It will also look lustrous on rectangle-shaped women who can show off their beautiful arms as it is sleeveless. You can pair this dress with accessories like sleek belts to give the illusion of curves. You can also pair the dress up with medium length heels to make your legs look longer.

$298(Shop Now)

BCBG Striped Tank Dress

This stretchy, striped tank dress is everything you need for a casual day out. Rectangle-shaped bodied women need to get a hold of this. Due to its stretchy fabric, it hugs your body for well-defined curves and a waistline. Pair this tank dress with a hat and some comfy flip flops for your picnic on a sunny day. Add square hoops for a little spark.

$78.98 (Shop Now)

BCBG Harvie Maxi Jumpsuit

This easy-going jumpsuit features a sporty racerback, V-neckline, and pin-tucked detailing throughout its wide-leg culottes. This is made for women who have an hourglass body shape. With its silky georgette material, you can show off those curves. The V-neckline and sleeveless features bring out the best in your body. High, pointed heels and flashy earrings can help you achieve a chic look.

$208.98 (Shop Now)


BCBG Metallic Cocktail Dress

This lacey, short sleeve dress with a skirt has a velvet elastic ribbon at its waist. It has a metallic touch at the hips and bust. Rectangle-shaped body types should definitely try this out to give the illusion of a defined waistline. The metallic traces on the bust and hip make the body look curvier. The long backline shows off your elegant back. Pairing this dress with stiletto sandals, cuffs, a shoulder bag, and drop earrings can get you ready for a party.

$168.98 (Shop Now)

BCBG Jersey Wrap Dress

This is a comfortable lightweight gown that drapes to an asymmetrical hemline and is ripped at the sides. It is made from stretchable jersey. Rectangle body types will love this dress as it pinched in the middle making the waist more defined. The dress is short in length which shows off your long slender legs. The long back shows the elegance in your body type. Add a statement bracelet and a clutch to complete the look.

$178 (Shop Now)


BCBG Mesh Panel Mini Dress

This mini dress has long sleeves, back, and bust with interlocking panels of faux leather throughout the dress. It will look perfect on apple-shaped women who wish to conceal their broad shoulders through long sleeves but also want to wear a fitted short dress. The dress allows you to show off your thin legs and that perfect butt. It helps balance the upper and lower bodies. It will look best with high heeled boots, cat-eye sunglasses, and hoops.

$174.98 (Shop Now)

BCBG Asymmetrical Bodice Gown

This sleeveless gown has a contemporary look because of the supple crepe. Its asymmetrical neckline and high side slit elevate its evening polish. This gown will make the hourglass figure even better. Its unique neckline and straight fit will accentuate your curves and the sleeveless design will show your slender arms and neck. Pair this gown with feather earrings and stilettos.

$298 (Shop Now)


BCBG Christina Gown

This wedding-like, ethereal gown is made in georgette. It complements your tanned skin and falls to a flowy hemline. It features a satin waistband and elegant pleating. This dress needs to be in the closet of a pear-shaped woman. Its sweetheart’s neck brings out your long arms and bust and the flowy design and fabric contain your hips to give an elegant look. Style this dress low heels and subtle earrings to complete the look

$298 (Shop Now)

Everyone has a different Body Shape

Remember everybody has a different body shape. These shapes are just a starting point to understand the basics. You can always possess a body that is a combination of more than one body type. Do not fret over it, it is very common for your body to have a different structure. It is all about mixing and matching to figure out what best fits you. You and only you can determine what is best for you.

These guidelines were just there to assist you in the right direction. It is upon you now to make your path and fulfill your wardrobe dreams! I hope all this information gave you a bit of insight as to what your body type is and how to look best in your own skin. Remember all these tips before you go shopping or before you try out dresses in the trial room to save time and strength. Keep in mind that it is not up to you what you have but what you make out of it. I hope you make the best out of your bodies and look stunning every day!