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Needless to say, Dubai is the most visited global place in the United Arab Emirates.  The city, as a whole, prides to have happy and lively residents who are always ready to warmly welcome visitors with their friendly nature, delicious food, and astounding weather. The enthralling tall buildings like Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab, well-modified restaurants, architectural wonders, and other admirable places enhance the beauty of this city, captivating the attention of a lot of people with its uniqueness.

A Muslim country that strictly follows its cultural beliefs and tradition hopes for the same from the international tourists, students, or other visitors.  Whether you are looking for opportunities for employment, seeking higher education facilities, or solely landed for holiday, there are a few things that they have to keep in mind before roaming on the streets.


Traditions are Important

People of Dubai are highly hospitable, genuinely kind, and courteous, but they have some policies that others should follow to ensure the best experience. This article will help readers to get to know about the most important laws and policies of the city before booking a trip so that they can prepare themselves to visit the realms of legality. This way, they will be able to make the most of their holidays or achieve their purpose of visit.  The obligation of not offending the natives or breaking their rules and regulations is the primary and the only requirement tourists have to follow.

In UAE, there is a prodigious number of traditional and devoted religious followers that offer an insight into the deep, rich history and traditions. While enjoying the gleams and glinting of the city, one can easily forget the worries of the world and obligations of the local customs. So, if someone wants to ensure that his/her stay is memorable, then he/she should accept the country’s traditions and culture like they welcome and respect their guests.


Do and Don't in Dubai Rosi Ross


What to Wear? Dress Code

While planning a tour to this city, the most important etiquette to be followed is to dress modestly and appropriately. Some places do have fixed dress codes, particularly shopping malls that a person should adhere to. If someone doesn’t own anything enough and interested in buying something, make sure to always remember the rules and regulations prescribed in the laws. It is not acceptable to wear inappropriate dresses in the public or find places that allow tourists to be themselves.

However, it is not mandatory to wear burqa or hijab, but transparent clothing, indecently exposition of the body parts, or displaying offensive pictures or slogans can cause inconveniences that nobody would want to face. Even if a person has a tattoo that is not depicting anything offensive, he/she should be more careful to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

Any form of nudity is against policies, including topless sunbathing or swimwear at the public beaches. Swimwear outside the beach, water parks, or swimming pools is strictly prohibited. The ideal dress code in UAE includes covered shoulders and knees for both men and women, and in particular, women should not reveal too much of their body at the public places, and men should not walk anywhere bare-chested. Cross-dressing is also illegal for gays.




Things People Cannot Do

  • Dress code for mosques:

    The incredible white furnished, beautiful mosque is a must-visit-place in Dubai. So, if someone is visiting a mosque or any other religious place, men should wear long trousers or pants that cover their knees, while for women, scarves are mandatory to cover their heads, especially hair. Upon visit, one will definitely appreciate the intricate architecture and enjoy traditional cuisine and customs. However, it is not like one is imprisoned, or have to pay a handsome amount in case of not wearing clothes as per rules. Rather, there would be a few places not giving a permit to enter or the person may receive judgmental stare; but one thing is obvious that nobody is going to haul off. So, it is advisable not to take this risk even if there is no chance of getting punished.

  • Music is prohibited:

    The intoxicated, loud music dances at public places or drug consumption is not acceptable in the UAE. There are, although, nightclubs or bars where tourists can enjoy music all night long or dance, unlike at parks or beaches. Dancing is allowed even at homes or licensed clubs and events for which, the organizers have to take permission.

  • Drugs are strictly not allowed:

    The production and consumption of drugs is also considered a serious crime. If a person has to bring prescribed heavy medication or other painkillers along, then it is recommended to carry a doctor’s prescription note or letter describing the illness and period of travel. As drugs are strictly forbidden at even the residual amount, it’s better to take required measures before traveling to evade unnecessary problems. However, all the drugs used for genuine medical purposes are not illegal but always keep the check for utmost clarification. Along with this, smoking should not take place in public areas, government offices, and shopping malls. So if someone wants to do that, he/she must find the destined areas. E-Cigarettes and Vape are also banned in Dubai, which can cause the person to face imprisonment.

  • Impaired driving:

The United Arab Emirates authorities have a zero-tolerance policy towards drinking and driving. Licensed restaurants, bars, clubs, or other private venues can consume alcohol. However, alcohol available at the stores is only for residents who have the required liquor license. Therefore tourists can’t purchase alcoholic beverages from general stores and supermarkets. Only people over 21 can consume alcohol in the UAE, except in Sharjah where it is not available. Luxurious cars and driving go concurrently in Dubai. However, drivers should follow the driving laws as authorities don’t compromise on it. There are numerous speed cameras on the streets and motorways. These are able to record speeding, racing, and lane jumping going against the laws. Contravening of these laws can lead the person to pay high fines or any other punishment.

  • Don’t use mobile phones while driving:

Not wearing a seat belt and using a mobile phone while driving is punishable by law.

  • Avoid going to non-crossing areas:

Apart from this, crossing the road from a non-crossing area is also illegal. So much so that the traffic police have also launched a strict campaign.

Dubai is the city of people who love to explore different cultures and traditions. Visitors can enjoy traditional cuisine and customs with wonderful taste and amenities. The tallest buildings and different restaurants here are undoubtedly worth the visit. Moreover, cruises that reflect unique Arabic traditional style and architecture are the elements that convince tourists to always come back. The cheapest transportation facility in Dubai to roam around easily is the Metro service that is available for everyone who wants it.


In Dubai, You Will Face a Fine If You

However, the UAE is a comparatively safe country from a crime perspective, but taking the necessary precautions in outs and about can ensure safety just as tourists used to do in their own country. The precautions can include not accepting drinks from strangers in the bars and clubs and never leave the drink unattended. It is necessary to stay updated and awake all day or night while on a trip.

Following different etiquettes and behavior is a must-do thing in the UAE. The government wants to make sure that there is no compromise on the quality of lifestyle. One cannot point or beckon with a finger; rather, it can gesture with his/her hand. Serious offenses include: offensive language, spitting, and aggressive hand gestures. It can lead a person to long imprisonment and deportation.

Locals’ Expectations

Residents of Dubai expect tourists to stand up when they meet new people or high ranking guests. Tourists should also stand up for women and also don’t shake hands. Use of right hand in doing all the work like picking, eating, drinking is considered an important ritual in UAE as per Islamic teachings.  Don’t extend a left hand to greet someone or right hand to clean something. A person can’t cross his/her legs while sitting. You also have to avoid the display souls of your feet represents a very bad sign in their culture. Don’t enter anyone’s home without removing your shoes. This is because they consider shoes as a medium for dirt and germs to enter the house.

The incredible sights, dazzling views, and beautiful architecture fascinate everyone. Which the person can also verify simply by looking at its breathtaking photos available everywhere. In Dubai, as modesty and safety are the priorities, it is better not to take a risk. Also, ensure that you ask for permission before taking pictures of any resident. To be on the safe side just go for the sceneries only. Not only this, random address to women in a public or open display of affection and in extreme cases, but sexual harassment also is not tolerated. This is also applicable even if you are married or engaged.


At The Dubai Souks

Arabic bazaars and supermarkets are the add on in this iconic city. This is where tourists can get a large stock of beautiful and elegant gold jewelry or have them customized. Huge malls with almost all the things from brands to traditional or local and small eateries are the foremost landmarks in Dubai. Whether the person is searching for rich essential oils, perfumes, or fine silk and fabric, he/she can get everything under one roof in Dubai Souks.

Religious months like Ramadan, Eid festivals, and above all Fridays, have some of the most important events and the rituals for the Muslims. These days have also given importance to this beautiful city. People have to be more careful in these months and avoid improper behavior or etiquette. Especially eating publically during the month of Ramadan.

It is a general rule in almost all countries to respect and accept their cultural and traditional values regardless of personal opinions. Therefore, it is the expectation that people who visit Dubai will do the same. Do not say anything or criticize anyone out loud that is against the religion or culture. Not only is it lawfully wrong, but it is also morally disrespectful. Blasphemy holds massive punishments. Therefore, if someone has strong opinions on Islam, politics, or people of the UAE, don’t air them publicly.



Conclusively, while these restrictions and rules raise a few important questions about the city, Dubai is still one of the must-visit places in the world.   It is an Islamic country based on pure culture or beliefs that should be valued to respect the country’s laws and residents. These values and customs make this city the most visited and beautiful place in UAE.

So, if someone desires to enjoy warm hospitality, then respect their ways with due heart. Also, be ready to get the most of what they can give cordially. The people of Dubai and as a whole UAE are very courteous who welcome their visitors wholeheartedly in the country. It is only a matter of their culture or tribal heritage that they concerned about.  They also don’t tolerate its disrespect. These rules are made to ensure that everyone deserves respect and equity, regardless of their faith and nationality.

That is why showing any disrespect towards religious beliefs or practices is considered deeply offensive in this city. They also respect other religions. This means that people from different religions or cultures can follow their rituals or customs easily without having to worry about any problem or restriction.