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Packing Essentials For Any Winter Place Will Depend A Lot On The Kind Of Trip You’re Doing. Whether It’s Spending Your Day In The City, Visiting Famous Attractions Will Require Very Different Clothing Than Enjoying Outdoors. This Is My Essential List For A Short Winter Trip.

First and foremost, check the average winter temperature (Weather+ app – it gives an accurate 6 days forecast for day and night) and don’t be mislead by any, because no matter how high or low it may be, it will get really cold when you are outside for a long time even if it seems like it doesn’t look very cold at first.

In consideration of the weather, the best way is to pack warm layers like Merino Wool for socks. And for extra warmth, pack some Long Thermal underwear so you can enjoy every moment of your trip instead of having your teeth chattering from the cold.



Winter Boots

Wear really good boots with soft rubber soles. It’s important that you get soft rubber boots soles because even medium soles get really hard in the freezing cold. Like the Ankle-high heel chunky boots. Make sure too that you have lots of spaces between the tracks, or the snow will get stuck in them and make them very slippery. You might need to consider wool socks of course. It’s just as important as good boots. You’ll need them!

Fur Hat and Coat

For any reason, whether you are fond of real or fake, you should have one of those. A very thick warm coat is a must, gloves/mittens, and a nice warm scarf. You may need warm wind and water-resistant jacket, something that is designed for very cold weather.


Warm sweaters, as well as warm coats and cotton shirts, are important to wear underneath. Thermal underwear under your jeans is a plus.

Warm Jeans

There’s always fashion and comfort about wearing jeans even in winter and are always popular. It will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe. (Just don’t forget to wear thermal leggings underneath.


essentials to pack for short trips - rosi ross


  • Extra Batteries and Power-bank. Batteries drain very fast in the cold. It’s wise to always have spare batteries for your camera and mobile phones.
  • Electric Gadgets. You may need a travel adaptor plug “European power adaptor” and voltage converter especially if your devices are not designed for the country’s voltage.
  • US Dollars or Euros. In whatever cold country you maybe, bring a lot of cash in $$$ or in €€€ as they are far easier to change once in the county. Don´t be like me that arrived at Vladivostok without the local currency thinking they would exchange Hong Kong Dollars and they don´t.
  • A Smart Outfit for formal occasions. It may not be compulsory, but it’s nice to dress up as locals do. You’ll feel more comfortable if you do the same.
  • Others. Depending on your interests and travel style, these items might come in handy in the country in winter as well: compact travel thermos for warm drinks, reusable water bottle (even if tap water is safe to drink, you still need to ensure your stomach won’t complain), flashlightday backpack (with rain cover)), and sunglasses.



essentials to pack for short trips - rosi ross


Makeup, Skin Care & Accessories

Taking care of the skin is important year-round but it’s more important during winter and yet the most wonderful time of the year. This is especially true for the delicate skin on your face and lips. Here are some easy steps to keep your skin healthy during winter.


This is the key to healthy skin during winter months, and the one people usually forget. Keep them hydrated by Ointments or Heavy creams. Creams that don’t clog pores. (look for the word “non-comedogenic” on the label), or humectants, which will hydrate your skin evenly without contributing to breakouts. Go easy on your face during winter and avoid alcohol-based toners, strong exfoliating creams or peels.

  • Use mild facial cleansers daily to avoid irritation.
  • If you do, make sure to use a good facial moisturizer.
  • Applying an ointment like “Petroleum Jelly” to fight dryness and cracked skin

Make-up. According to experts, Don’t skip moisturizers in order to get glowing skin.

  • Know when to moisturize. certainly after a shower and use products with Vitamin C
  • Stay away to anything too powdery – recommended Georgio Armani Beauty
  • Switch up your primer. Used luminous one instead of matte.
  • Stick to liquid foundation and liquid highlighter
  • And never stop moisturizing.


essentials to pack for short trips - rosi ross

Sunscreen with SPF

The winter sun and glare from the snow will affect your skin in many ways.  Ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA) can damage your skin causing sunburns and changes in pigment and texture in your skin. These UV rays are also responsible for skin cancer. Make sure you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, SPF 30 or above your hands during the winter. And make sure you reapply it every 3 to 4 hours if you are going to be outdoors in the sun for a long period of time.

Lips Balms. 

Don’t travel without it. No matter how you bundle up in the winter, it’s a fact that your lips are going to take a serious beating. Not only are they nearly impossible to keep protected from the elements, but they’re also constantly being exposed to moisture from your mouth, which creates the perfect condition for chapped lips. And even though you might already be loyal to one particular brand of balm, it might not be the best option for cold weather-induced dryness, cracking, and flaking. Here are some the best lips balms for winter.