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There is a conventional saying that prevention is better than cure and that it is easier to stop a problem, illness, diseases, etc from happening than to stop or correct it after it has started. So in order to give justice to the statement, it has been said by medical experts that we have to maintain the basic rules of health and hygiene to prevent disease and dangers.

Cleaning our surroundings, saving money for the future and being very careful in choosing what and where to eat is essential. Good Health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise. It is also about having a positive attitude, a positive self-image and more importantly, having a healthy lifestyle connected to health experts in order to know more and be aware.

In Hong Kong, there is a way to explore how your DNA can help support your journey to a better and healthier life which is Circle DNA. A disease detection company headed/owned by Prenetics – a leading genetic testing / digital health company in South East Asia that empowers individuals with valuable health information. Prenetics processes all Circle Test samples in its own proprietary laboratory in Hong Kong. With simple saliva, individuals can discover how their genes affect their diet, drug response, disease, and cancer risk. It is their mission to cure healthy people before they get sick by making them manage their health and power to be in control of their own health.

The Product

Health Test:

This test analyzes 35 genes to help you understand your risk of eight common cancers (Breast, Prostate, Stomach, Colorectal, Melanoma, Pancreatic, Ovarian and Uterine Cancer). The test is designed to assess clinically-relevant variants in 35 genes associated with hereditary cancer risk. These variants are classified into five categories including pathogenic, and likely pathogenic, a variant of uncertain significance (VUS), likely benign and benign. All variants are evaluated by certified medical professionals. Only pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants detected are reported. All (VUS) results are reviewed bi-annually for updates in the scientific literature. As part of the Circle service, the company will contact a customer if any reported variant classification changes.


Vital Test:

This test is designed for those who seek the best in their diet, lifestyle and optimal wellness, all insights are made to help you discover what things you should improve, change and be aware of your physical health. Made by generating 125 reports across 14 Categories this one is made for people interested in losing weight, eating smarter, getting fit, living healthier and how genetical traits influence our stress levels, sleep patterns, skin needs, talents and so much more. So that we can make the right choices based on measurable and real results. 


Family Planning Test:

Specially made for those women thinking of starting a family or pregnant. This test is really important as it helps to discover if we carry any inherited conditions that we might pass on to our next generation. Focusing on family health this one is key as many times our DNA contains passed inherited conditions, caused by changes in genes called mutations from the previous 2 or 3 generations that will not show until we have our own kids. This test looks for over 157 serious conditions that we could pass on to your child. Some are conditions we may have heard of, others can be treated early, others require lifelong management, and still, others have no treatments. All conditions screened are clinically meaningful when we’re planning a pregnancy so we can make informed choices for your future family.


Premium Test: 

This is the all in one package as this one includes all of the previous mentioned. You will get 500 Reports across 20 Categories designed for those who take health and wellness seriously. In overall, this is the perfect test if you want to have a complete screeing of your genes, from lifestyle insights to drug response you can have a complete overview of how and why certain patterns and traits in yourself are like they are, also you can have complete information on how to improve and move forward to a more healthy living.



  • You will receive your Circle Kit at Home
  • Collect your saliva sample and mail it to the Laboratory
  • Your Results will be ready within 21 business days – during that time, the Lab will extract the DNA. Then, they will prepare the personalized report of your genetic results.



  • A Quickstart guide
  • A collection tube package
  • A specimen bag
  • A prepaid-courier form
  • And a courier return bag



Circle DNA x Rosi Ross

Step 1. Activate your DNA collection kit: 

Visit the link where you will prompt to create an account if you’re not yet logged-in. Once you’ve logged in, you may click the Activate Kit. You will be asked to provide the Barcode which you can find inside the DNA collection Kit. You will also be asked to provide some simple personal information that is needed to generate your DNA report.

Step 2. Collect your DNA Sample: 

Please make sure you don’t eat, smoke, chew gum, brush teeth, or use mouthwash for at least 30 minutes before collecting your DNA sample. 

With clean hands:

  1. Open the collection tube package, 
  2. Hold the collection tube. Be careful not to touch the cotton head.
  3. Insert the swab in your mouth and rub firmly back and forth between your cheek and gums for 10 times.
  4. Use the same swab and repeat on the opposite side for another 10 times.
  5. Take the swab out once completed. Without touching the cotton head, twists open the collection tube. Be careful not to spill the purple stabilizer fluid inside.
  6. Insert the swab into the collection tube and twist tightly to shut.
  7. Shake the collection tube 15 times to completely cover the swab with the purple stabilizer fluid.

Step 3. Return your DNA Sample:

  1. Place the collection tube into the specimen bag and seal it. 
  2. Put the sealed specimen bag back into the kit box. 
  3. Sealed the box closed with the adhesive sticker.
  4. Fill out your shipper’s information into the Prepaid Courier Form.
  5. Prepare the package for return by packing the kit into the provided Courier Return Bag.
  6. Proceed to schedule a courier pick up by signing in at and click “Return Sample”.
  7. Simply follow the online instructions to confirm the booking. You will be notified when the sample arrives at the Laboratory and begins processing.
  8. You will also get another email notification when your DNA Test Report is ready.
  9. The email will provide instructions on how to access your results via Circle’s secure website.




  • Many conditions in our lives can be genetic: most disease cases, weight cases, skin cases, sleep cases, diet complexity cases can be caused by genetics, instead of lifestyle conditions. Most of the time our lifestyle doesn’t support our genetically traits and that makes harder to achieve our life goals. Getting to know our genes better will keep us aware of how to manage our life decisions toward our environment and ourselves better.
  • Inherited conditions can be successfully managed:  early detection of any trait can help us and our healthcare provider to create a personalized plan with lifestyle recommendations to limit any potentially serious negative life impacts. They may recommend regular exercise routine or a diet that’s low in saturated and trans fats, salt, and added sugars. Also manage stress, skin condition, sleeping conditions, anxiety and many things that can be genetical and not caused by other factors.
    • Awareness can help ourselves and our families: DNA insights often do not skip generations. As hereditary issues run in our families, our results can help our loved ones understand their health risks too and take proactive care of their own health.
Life is beautiful and you don’t want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems. Today, your vital organs may be working well, but they may not be working tomorrow, so don’t take your health for granted. Take proper care of your body today!

The Circle DNA Test is a new way to explore and check your Genes and help support your journey to a better and healthier life.