Good Feng Shui is the art of creating harmonious home interiors and yards which activate and amplify positive energy and bring desirable changes into life. Good Feng Shui in the Year of the Pig 2019 reflect ideas that blend comfort and functionality with a softness of pastels and neutral colors. Pigs are friendly animals according to the Chinese zodiac. They enjoy simple things in life. Practical interior design ideas, combined with relaxing room colors, natural textures, and warm decor accessories are the trends in decorating in 2019 to create good Feng Shui.

Before the dawning of the Chinese New Year, many people make the time toย clear the clutterย from every room in their home in order to make space for the new blessings the year will bring.

Because this is a Yin year, which represents a feminine, flowy quality, we are also going to be encouraged to focus on the appearance of our gardens and to bring nature into the home.

Regarding aesthetics, the year of the Pig comes right after the Year of the Earth Dog and brings similar interior design colors and decorating concepts. Neutral room colors, comfy decorating ideas, natural textures, and efficient design solutions come together creating a warm, safe, and functional environment that pleases the Earth Pig.

Following LUSHOME advice, this are 10 tips you can use this year to bring to best energies to your work or home space:

Pigs are friendly and good-mannered. Pigs avoid hurting anybody. Comfort and calmness are the trends in decorating in the Year of the Pig. Relaxing and warm interior design ideas are the best directions to take for good Feng Shui in your rooms in 2019. Warm yellow shades, all light, and dark brown colors, golden colors, pale pink pastels, and light gray color tones are good colors for 2019 design.


Lucky numbers that help Feng Shui your home interiors in 2019 are 4, 6, 8. Use these numbers when hanging wall artworks, creating candles centerpieces for holiday tables, and decorating your beds or sofas with pillows.



Beautify the southeast and northeast areas in your home and in each room of your house to attract good luck and to Feng Shui your home for wealth.



Create optimistic color schemes for your living spaces to brighten up and Feng Shui your rooms and outdoors in 2019.



Be environmentally-responsible, use natural materials for interior decorating in 2019, and integrate Green ideas into your home design and yard landscaping.



Originality is another trend in good Feng Shui decorating for 2019. Cheap ideas, DIY projects, crafts, creativity, and remorsefulness help personalize your home interiors and yards in a unique style.



Pigs show generosity and mercy, forgiving and forgetting all mistakes that people make. For good Feng Shui in your home in 2019, go an extra mile to create ultimate comfort for all members of your family and your guests. This approach helps bring harmony into life and Feng Shui your home for improving all interpersonal relationships.



The sign of 2019 Earth Pig year associates with feminine energy, comfort, tranquility, soft room colors, natural textures. The symbol of the Earth Pig Year decorating is a peaceful river flowing through beautiful farmlands. Wood furniture and decor accessories, water features, houseplants, and earthy colors with a touch of feminine, pale pink are good Feng Shui ideas for interior design and decorating in 2019.

Good Feng Shui for 2019 includes turning your outdoor living spaces into peaceful, serene retreats. Wood, brick, natural stone, water features, and outdoor decor in dusty pink pastels, beige, golden colors, brown and gray color tones Feng Shui outdoor rooms and attract good luck in 2019.

Try to help others, be friendly and forget their mistakes. Go for Green ideas, enjoy simple things in life, and the Pig will bring you good fortune in 2019. Make yourself and your family comfortable, feel optimistic, and appreciate your friends, and you will do very well in the Year of the Pig.



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