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“Never follow anyone else’s path, unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. Then, by all means, follow that path.”

― Ellen DeGeneres


Have you ever heard of Diana Ross, famously known as the Maximalist? If not, let me enlighten you. Diana Ross is an American singer whose style changed over the course of her career. She went out of the fashion industry’s way to opt for styles often referred to as being “overdressed” by a lot of fashion experts even today. It’s because of her that Motown is what it is today. She absolutely knocked out the concept of being overdressed through her extravagant wigs and embroidered gowns. By giving the word ‘diva’ a completely different outlook, Diana melted the lines between mundane wear and costumes.


Brand Philosophy

Being constantly conscious of the fashion ‘norms’ is what has hurdled the concept of innovation. As said by Ellen: do not follow anyone’s path, because what makes you stand out is you. All the famous fashion icons of today, one day refused to see fashion in one specific way, helping them find a path of their own today.

This is exactly what’s brand philosophy is: enhancing individuality and promoting out of the box ideas. was created in 2008 to spread love. It wanted to provide the customers with a platform where they could work solely for their customers. is you! The brand constantly works to ensure a positive environment for its customers, taking special care of their desire, not what the world dictates. connects people through their common love for the products and they also produce exactly what their customers need. So, anyone willing to look or be a different kind of ‘cool’ check out their page and be a part of a world where you are celebrated for being you! is constantly bringing in new ideas by collaborating with the finest of artists and brands. It has a wide range of clothing, accessories, self-care products, desk essentials; in short, they should be your go-to.

Every one of you possesses a whole lot of glint and flare; it is only a matter of discovering and then channeling it. creates products to help you inspire and discover your fire. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us.

In this world stacked with problems, let us tackle one of them today with’s help: How did my desk get so messy?



Imagine waking up all drowsy in the morning, taking a cab to work only to find your workplace disheveled. I know what you are thinking: a bad start makes your day bad! You do not want to go down that lane. It is exactly the same as your desk. If you are struggling to get your work done every day, question yourself. Is my desk messy? According to recent research published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the disorder will never help you achieve order in life. It will always demand your attention. Have you ever seen a stack of a jumbled stack of files eyeballing you randomly in the middle of the day? Yes, your mess distracts you from your work by creating anxiety, stress and awful guilt. In four simple words: it’s got to go!

Some of the top genius minds in the world are notoriously known for having disorganized desks. For example Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Einstein is often quoted as saying, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Well, Einstein was no philosopher and had no experience in the human psyche so all that he has ever said is a justification for his messy ways. Do not fall into his trap, my friends. Believe that a clear mind starts with a clear desk.

Some of the major benefits of keeping your desk tidy and organized are:

You can boost up your productivityImagine saving the time you generally waste locating an important file while your boss furiously waits for or missing an important deadline just because you could not sort through your stuff in time. If your desk is clean, you are likely to work 7.5 minutes longer. Keeping your desk untidy is the way to increase productivity.

You can increase your persistence: A tidy desk increases your determination by approximately 84%.

You can stay healthy: The bacteria and viruses lingering on your desk are swept away when you organize your work every day rather than piling up waste.

Aside from this, mental benefits also take lead. According to psychologists, an organized work ethic ensures better sleep, mental stability, and a sharp focus.



Think of an unorganized desk as a disguised foe: the temporary clutter that initially begins on desktop surfaces turns into a huge heap of files and bulging bookshelves. Before you realize it, the mound becomes your worst fear and you start giving it a blind eye because you know you can’t go back. The effects of a messy desk are direr than we think. A keyboard can bear around 7,500 germs at a time. Apart from that, 57% of workers claim they judge their co-workers based on their work ethic. You end up losing precious 4.3 hours a week looking for papers that you could have spent with your family or simply watching a movie to lose pent up exhaustion after a tiring day at work.

You might be peeking down at your already messy desk and wondering how impossible it will be to tackle it. Fortunately, organizing your desk is not an unconquerable task. makes it pretty smooth and straightforward. You remember when I told you how they create products just to assist their customers; this is what I was talking about. Among many things, covers all the necessities for a sweeping desk. So, if you’re anxious, has your back. If you have a system to keep junk from building up in the first place, you won’t find yourself trying to tackle a huge mess.

Let take your load and take on this task to manage your turmoil.



Carry a package of essentials to your desk every day: Pens, pencils and rough papers have a way of stacking with no real effort on your part. Keep these essentials limited to avoid wasting space on your already constrained cubicle or having to lend it to your co-workers who never seem to return your belongings.’s Ultimate Planner Pack is exactly what you need. It consists of a multi color pencil, a bookmark, two extra sticker sheets, a pencil sharpener, and more all in one easy carrying pouch. This planner is your efficient look to a spacey desk.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


$20.00 (Shop Now)



Look professional at all times: Bosses bossing around, giving instructions without holding breath is a reality we need to adapt to. Taking notes on your phone may look highly unprofessional and sometimes disrespectful. Rather than running around trying to get hold of a pen and paper to jot down details and then later seeing all those papers lying messily on your desk confusing which one is which, carry a handy notebook.’s Little Buddy Reporter Pad- Coming up Roses is the answer to all your prayers. It is a notepad that makes you look professional even if you are just busy doodling through a boring presentation. It has 80 pages with rainbow patterns, a pen loop, and size perfect for your needs.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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Tether your cables: Disorganized surroundings also make your desk look messy. A tangle of wires and cables, your charging cable taking up your desk space and your earphones blatantly lying on the floor account for a huge mess. They can distract you and also make you or someone approaching your trip. Collect your cables in neat bundles and tuck them away neatly in your drawer.’s Hold It! Magnetic Keepers is a metallic set specially designed for your cables. These magnets might seem insignificant and small but they have the power to organize all those cords sprawled all over your desk. You can also flip them to wipe patterns off your glasses and screens. Dirty screens leave a bad impression.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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Plan your daily or weekly tasks in one place: Start your days pre-planned with clear objectives by writing them. Without a clear set of objectives, you lose track especially if you have to look all over your desk to figure out what was due.’s Week-To-Week Notepad has exactly 52 sheets so that you can plan for the whole year in just one notebook. It also helps you keep track of your work all your round. It also has extra columns for any side goals that you have. The first step to achieving something is listing it down.


Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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If you are looking for a planner that is bigger than the one previously mentioned, check out’s Medium 17- Month Annual Planner in Gold Glitter. This planner spans January to December 2020 and is full of what you already love—year, month, and week views, cool artwork, stickers, and more. Plus, it has new features like a personality quiz and a 3D page complete with glasses. And for the first time ever, each month has been assigned its own color that ties into that month’s artwork, to-dos, and compliments! We hope these colors help you express feelings, set intentions, and find moments of joy in the day today.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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Manage extra, little notes: If a client gives you their number or your mother asks you to do some chores before you get back from work and you don’t want to forget, use sticky notes and stick them on the sides of your desk.’s Sticky Note Set gives you a free space when there are too many things to remember. It includes five designs: one large pad lined in rainbow colors, one medium pad that offers encouragement, and three-page markers that are great for studying. And if that wasn’t enough, each pad has 100 sheets of paper so you will never run out of your sticky notes in the middle of the month.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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Always smell good: Make sure that whenever someone passes your desk, they leave pleased. One way to ensure that is to make the air surrounding you smell pleasant, be it through refreshers or scented candles.’s LES Scented Candle is perfect for you desk. It has a pretty exterior and the sweetest of fragrance, enough to charm your boss, that will last months.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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Label things: Labelling is one of the oldest ways in history to get things done, sometimes just to make things look better. has a Sticker Book designed by their artist friends. It has 700+ stickers all arranged by color. They are most suitable for planners, phones, faces, files, etc.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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Also, carry the 2018 Starbucks Tumbler with straw available on to always keep hydrated. It is a hassle to go around your workplace trying to get something to drink. Place this on your desk at all times so your planning can sip all day while working.

Keep your desk organized with bando - Rosi Ross


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All these products have been specifically designed to cater to all your desk needs: ranging from to relax. If you weren’t driven to organize your work life earlier, hopefully, the tips outlined above have provided some motivation, as well as where to begin. I hope you start loving your work and continue striving every day. Stay productive and keep organized year-round by letting be your friend!