• OMG! 💖
It’s Monday!✨
The first day of the week must be our powerhouse day to start doing something new. My advice: plan on the weekends and start on a Monday! 🗓
Monday is the perfect day to actually DO something. I usually plan 1 week ahead and pre set 2 weeks in overlook so it always keeps me PUMP on Monday, during the week and following up the next one. Which actually ALWAYS keeps me happy and looking forward to something! ☕️
There’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you don’t plan, set deadlines and do the thang!💋
Have a powerful day babes🐱⚡️
  • One of the things Asia has taught me the most is communicating (to others and with myself). You can’t expect people to be mind readers. If you want something, if you need something, you have to tell it to the world🗣
Don’t get upset that people are doing something that you’ve never spoken out on. Tell them. Let them know if you are upset, discomforted, happy, sad, overwhelmed. Don’t sit there in silence, don’t be passive aggressive, or give in because it’s easier than addressing an issue or expressing your feelings. You are better than that✨
Acknowledge comprehension too, remember that people who doesn’t understand your language or mindset wont understand what you are trying to communicate. Be kind🙏🏼
Practice self care today. Practice communicating. Tell people you miss them, you love them. Tell people you have limits and you have boundaries. Verbalise your thoughts so you can attend all calls from within. It’s magic how much it changes your life💖
  • There is no way better to know yourself that unlocking the power of your DNA🧬✨
My partner in crime? the @circledna Exome series! the most revolutionary and comprehensive DNA test in the market. With a full scan of all your protein-coding genes, it gives 500 reports across 20 categories📉📈
From small simple things like your ancestral background to big complex things like which type of disease can you develop based on your DNA background. Circle is the perfect teammate to plan in the present thinking about the future🔖
Available from July 29! 📅
Can’t wait to share my test results and tell you more about what it means to really know your deepest self🔥
#CircleDNAYourLife #CircleDNAChangeMaker
  • Health is not only about what you are eating. Its also what you are thinking, doing and saying. Most of the times what we fear the most, the things we worry about are things that don’t exist and might not even exist in the future🧠
So everyday make a tiny agreement with yourself and follow thru all those negative thoughts and feelings by asking yourself: DOES IT REALLY WORTH MY ENERGY? It can be anything. A thought. A situation. A person. A feeling. A worry⚡️
After a few practices you will start to see yourself as someone who puts priorities and order in your own mind and that’s what creates a better mindset from within👅
Remember: control your mind before your mind control you💖🦋
  • Monday with M of MOTIVATION✨
We updated a full guide of Apps you must be working with on 2019 to grow your blog and overall social media. From writing the right hashtags to using AI to know what topics your followers want to read about. This one is for you 💻💡💸
Hell Yeah🔥
You can’t go big in this globalised world working alone, so all the tools posted are easy to use for small, mediums and big sized work teams📿
We have been using these tools since my first attempt to have a blog -like 4 years ago- with different types of strategies either to get partners like @missguided or with brands I have work for in a 9to5 basis like @zaful. And with each new website more improvements and better partners. Same team better tools🛠 
The best day to start something is TODAY! Give it a read! 👀