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  • "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"
- Rumi
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  • "What you seek is seeking you"
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  • Take me to magic places✨
📍Dongping National Forest Park 
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  • That Monday Motto💋
  • Not matter how tough things get I'm always cheer up and motivated 🙌✨
For this duty -not easy at times- I put practice on the following 8 rules: 
1. Set realistic and achievable goals. These should be something that appeal to you as it’s hard to go after another person’s goals⌛️
2. Think of meaningful ways to reward your progress💎
3. Expect to have set-backs and to encounter obstacles. When that happens, focus your mind and renew your determination. Refuse to give up💣 
4. Decide to be a positive thinker. Refuse to stop believing in yourself. When you feel discouraged, decide that you’ll fight on🔋
5. Share your goals with others, and seek encouragement when you’re finding it hard to keep going on your own🗣
6. Practice saying no to other options and distractions that may seem appealing – but distract you from achieving your goal☝️
7. Post inspirational quotes in places you can see to encourage you to work to achieve your goal💡
8. Practice self care so you don’t burn out. You need to pace yourself if you are going to reach your goal🥃
Let me know which one are you putting in practice this 2019 to move forward👇