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Thinking about tacos 🌮
What are you thinking about?😼
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  • Hunt or be hunted 🐉
There are 2 kind of people in this world people that drive their life by acting upon it and the people which life move as consequence of others peoples actions🍯
Either of both are GOOD if you are happy with the life you have. But the more educated you are about a topic, the more confident you are in that topic, right?  SO GET TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE YOU ARE.🦎🐍
Understanding yourself and why you feel and act the way you do about life, friends, love, or work - and having empathy enough to understand why other people may act differently to the same situations - will lead you to master the topic of SELF. Which is the 20% of the 100% of total things that happens in your life on daily basis. 
  • I bet you didn't know Empress Cixi from the Qin Dynasty was served 120 dishes for each meal😲
In addition to the palace’s “Imperial Kitchen” Cixi had her own exclusive kitchen built within the Forbidden City -in Beijing-, known as the “Western Kitchen”. 🍗🍖🥚🍯
It was subdivided into five areas – the meat section, vegetarian section, rice, bun and noodle section, snack section and pastry section.🥔🍞🍖🍫
Staff of the Western Kitchen were capable of making more than 400 different kinds of pastry, 4,000 dishes and also rare delicacies, which included bird’s nest, shark’s fin and bear’s paw🍗🥚🍯🌶
Tell that to bae when he complains about making you pancakes❤️
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  • This simple aesthetics took 3 hours🐉
In ancient times, the Chinese clothing worn by emperors, noblemen, and officials used color and pattern to signify rank. The association of rank to a particular color and pattern was known as the Regulation Attire System. In accordance with the yin-yang and five element theory, blue, red, white, black, and yellow represent East, South, West, North, and Central, respectively. Yellow not only indicates central, but it also represents the Earth. Thus, the emperor’s clothes always made use of the color yellow🌙
The pattern designs on clothing also indicated rank. The emperor’s clothes had 12 pattern designs, each with a unique meaning.🔖
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  • Thanks everybody for those bday wishes!!!! ⚡️Thanks for the support and the love. This year was so different I had to stay in Shanghai to fix my visa so I wasn't allowed to leave China and I was so frustrated cuz -as always- I had planed a trip. But I got most than fortunate with all your love, support messages, nudes and memes lol, videos, I still receiving until today. I am so lucky for everyone of you online and offline 💯❤️ I deeply thank you for following me on my biggest dream 🎊🔖🌹 God bless you all. No exceptions. 🐉🎈