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Giving a fresh update to our home space will always be a challenging thing. Mostly because we have been so used to the space we don’t realize the change. But if you are looking to give something special to your temple, cushions are the best partner and the easiest way to decorate and give any space a quick makeover.

Cushion is always dressing up spaces, adding color, shapes, and textures. Now that I am looking for decor for my new place I am looking also to help you understand how you can transform any room into a colorful, cozy heaven.

Whatever the effect we are looking for, it’s important to choose the right cushions, knowing how to mix them, and arranging them with grace. It may sound complicated, but in reality, it’s much easier than you may think. You only have to remember these 7 tricks in order to get to the perfect result.

#1 Complement Colors

Adding cushions to your living room is an excellent opportunity to add color and texture to a room. If your couch matches your cushions light it up adding some prints or more variety. Prints aren’t just for plain surfaces – pairing print on print works really well, especially if you have a patterned sofa. If you add some cushions that complement other colors in your room and contrast well with the color of your couch, it can be as effective as adding a new piece of artwork to your walls. Pick a cushion cover in a color that’s complementary to the prints on your sofa.

#2: Select a colour palette

This is the most important step on aesthetics, even more so than selecting the actual cushions themselves, mostly because chosen wisely cushions can help to create a stylish and harmonious look on any space.

Selecting your cushions based on the colors that already exist in your living room can subtly pull together all the busyness in the room and help the existing colors to complement each other, rather than work against each other.

The best way to select a color palette is to sit in the middle of your room with your laptop in hand, give a good look around and try to identify 2 – 3 colors that meet these criteria:

  1. The color should exist in some other element in your room – it could be your curtains, a painting on the wall or a vase on a coffee table, etc.
  2. They must complement each other – this is the most important criteria. Don’t choose three really loud and bright cushions. They must look really good together, all on their own.

Take some time over your decision because these colors will inform your cushion selection and will ultimately be the glue that pulls your living room colors together.

To help you with your color selection, and later your cushion selection, use an online color swatch to help you identify your exact colors. Then go to a cushion store online or to the online version of any of your local stores so you can browse while you check all the details on spot.

#3: Decisions about quantity

How many is too much? Honestly, it depends on the style of room you like. It can be a traditional style, modern or eclectic look. The number of cushions can really make a difference in the space. Cushions of different shapes and sizes make for an interesting display, so you can match size with quantity, for example, to spark up some spaces. If you try contrasting prints, colors and shapes and place them differently then you will have a high match of well-styled pieces. No matter if you like much or minimal, the style and space always play a key roll on the number of pieces to put on display. Keep this in mind and have fun!

#4: Selecting the perfect one

In order to create a harmonious ambiance and achieve a chicer and up to date space, choose the cushions according to the rest of the fabrics in the room. If you introduce too many different patterns, you take the risk of saturating the space. To avoid that, combine them with plain colors and when arranging them, group them by design as shown in this bed.

Use cushion cover sets to create a certain mood or accent. You can pick different plain colors or several with a pattern. Also, you can pick 3-4 colors in different patterns and variations, with a common theme. You can try different looks depending on your space.

#5 Choosing the size and shape

Most people choose the standard square cushions and they purchase all of their cushions within the exact same shape. Once again, if you do this, you are missing an opportunity to add some depth to your selection. If all your cushions are the exact same size, it can start to look boring.

Think about mixing up the size and shape of your cushions. You might buy two different sized cushions in the same patterned material and then add in some solid colors.

# 6: How to arrange

There really isn’t any rules when it comes to the arrangement of cushions. However, unless you are confident about your styling, it might be safe to stick with an average number of cushions 3-5 and have fun with your arrangement. Keep in mind the colors of the cushions when you are placing them. If you have one cushion with 2 or 3 or your color palette in it then try to surround that with the other colors as this will help to pull them all together. The most important thing to remember through all this is to have fun!

#7: Find your perfect collection

There are so many websites that offer a huge range of cushions and it can be a lot of fun browsing for your perfect collection.

If you use an online color palette then the easiest way to shop is from the comfort of your own home. You can sit in the room the cushions are destined for while you browse online stores to come up with the perfect collection for your room. This is SO much easier than physically going into a store and trying to conjure up a vision of the colors in your room at home.

Aside from knowing how to solve practical and aesthetic issues, being on top of the latest trends in the world of décor will allow you to have your house right up to date. That’s why I will be presenting the last collection of Tales On Silk, with elegant and contemporaneous fabrics, inspired by the Indian Gong, in luxurious textures and colors blue, bronze and gold. Ideal for bringing a touch of warmth and sophistication to the space of your choosing.

If you found this article helpful leave a comment, or just share!

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