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Why styling your place is important for your health?

The idea of well-being centers from holistic living and not just superficial. The true sense of wellness is scarcely associated with frequent visits to the salon to get manicured nails.  Or even to a cosmetologist to get your lip fillers. It is so much more! Wellness amalgamates with itself all types of self-care like nutrition, skincare, fitness regime, strong social ties and memorable experiences in life. But we are missing a major piece of the puzzle here. The environment you live indirectly affects your well-being. Just imagine living in a house that has no exposure to sunlight. A dim-lit place makes an aura of bleakness around you.

You constitute your surroundings. This newfound link between aesthetics, the surroundings, and your mental state has made scientists tap into such studies. A good example would be Environmental Psychology that searches for an overlap of the environment with people. Neuroaesthetics has also surfaced recently, trying to sight a connection between art, beauty, and health of an individual. You do not even need research to vouch for the fact that your surroundings can make a significant impact on your health. A white themed room with flowy curtains and a lot of air passage will immediately light to your mood and help you relax. On the other hand, a small room, crammed with racks and racks of stuff and no light, is likely to put you off! Indoor plants flip the look of your house completely by making a dry room more lifelike.


What other benefits are associated with styling your place?

Other than giving your place a picture-worthy look, plants make the air more breathable and healthy. They also dampen anxiety and increase focus. Let plants be your breathing partners, especially the cactus as it gives out oxygen even at night. Make yourself a zen spot, a small safe space for you to seek refuge whenever you wish. Add a cute little sofa with some fairy lights. This keeps your room neat where you are not all over the place. In addition, it also gives your mind a happy place where you can blow off some steam by scrolling through Facebook or read a book or watch a movie. Choosing the right mattress and/or pillows is crucial. After all, your sleep depends on it! A disruptive sleep cycle for a longer duration can constrict your lifespan.

Do not let your things lying around, manage your stuff in shelves and drawers. Clutter leads to stress and discomfort. A fragranced room gives you a wholesome feeling and a sense of comfort. The aroma molecules in air reach the olfactory bulb that stimulates the brain to incite strong emotional responses. Design your home with a lot of exposure to sunlight. This can give you a boost of those vitamins you lack. It also energizes and motivates you for a long day.


How aesthetics improve our mindset?

There is so much more to beauty than just appearances and pretensions. Aesthetics, according to newfound research, have a high chance of pumping you and your spirit with energy. It has the tendency to reduce excessive release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which dampens your stress levels. People who find themselves indulged in art and its beauty explore a creative side in them which gives them an aura of youthfulness. The anesthetic environment has the ability to calm your demeanor and make you feel elated. Sighting some of the world’s most beautiful forms of art can directly impact the way we see our own world i.e. beautifully. Why do you think people obsess over mountains and waterfalls?

Aesthetics not only alter own mood but also our perspective on the way we see things. A healthy and positive outlook on life can increase your life span by years. Beauty has a way of consuming you, it takes you in a trance where none of the ugliness in the world exists. That short escape is exactly the peace our minds and bodies require. I still remember my dad asking me to imagine a rose whenever I felt nauseous. It always worked! This is because beauty changes the course of your emotions and reactions. Beauty also gives you the freedom of choice for you to admire it or not, but it always waits for you to discover it. When you discover beauty, you discover yourself!


Amara’s Brand concept

At Amara, you explore the chance to witness 250 top notch brands all in one place. If you are looking to renovate your house and give it a trendy flair, Amara has the most exciting collections to fulfill your home needs. The brand has been dedicated to this task since 2005, growing from a minor boutique to an online dream for interior designers. They have recently collaborated with UK’s finest wedding list service company, The Wedding Shop,to cater for the dreams of newly wed couples.

The brand took its first step when one of its founders, Sam Hood was at crossroads trying to choose an online platform for her home-ware. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she, along with her husband, would initiate a business so magnificent. Amara realizes the place your home has in your heart. Hand over the leash of your home designing to Amara and discover the world unfolding in front of your eyes. It believes in sustainability and is therefore working to make its products last longer. Due to its amiability, Amara has been awarded the award-winning customer service medal. Be way ahead of the trends with Amara.

Let me introduce you to some of the best products at Amara that you can buy instantly. Do check them out.


Bulbing – Rainbow Table Lamp 

This Rainbow Table Lamp by Bulbing is literally out of a fairy tale. And Amara provides you with it. Let your house shine with this lamp with its LED glow. The plywood base along with a rainbow made out of acrylic glass, makes it give the effect of a 3-D piece. Do not fret over buying stuff and then having it worn down right in front of your eyes because the LED in this lamp is made to last 50,000 hours. Your boring side tables are craving for this one!

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Rainbow Table Lamp

$105 (Shop Now)

Locherber – Venetiae Reed Diffuser 

This Ventiae Reed Diffuser by Locherber will take you to Venice with just a single whiff and make your home the perfect spot for a romantic candle-lit dinner with its aquatic and mind blowing aroma. With the addition of a briccole wood stopper specially from the Venetian lagoon, this piece is enough for your guests to ogle at. Every one of these stoppers are unique along with their spectacular designs of tunnels formed by shipworm. Give your entrances or dining halls an elegant look with the perfect fragranced environment. The aroma has hints of calone, bergamot, Sicilian lemon, lavender, seaweed, myrtle, cedarwood and moss.

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Venetiae Reed Diffuser

$115 (Shop Now)

PODEVACHE – Zebra Vinyl Floor Mat 

This Floor Mat has come all the way from France by Podevache for you to give you homes a chic look with its zebra print. Along with its cool print, the mat is made with pure PVC making it extremely durable and long lasting. With an easy wash with soap and water, this product will be as good as new. Walk on this mat like it’s the Red Carpet, even though it is not red!

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Zebra Vinyl Floor Mat

$95-160 (Shop Now)

Sunnylife – Stemless Glasses – Kasbah

Sunnylife brings you your summer favorites with this set of two stemless glasses. Chill out this summer and enjoy a good natural tan on the beach while you sip cocktail in these palm tree patterned glasses. The pink and gold hues are perfect to keep the atmosphere cool and astonishing! Have the best chilled drinks in these gorgeous set of glasses while the sun shines or keep them on your kitchen counter to give an elegant vibe.

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Stemless Glasses – Kasbah

$14 (Shop Now)

Côte Noire – Hydrangeas and Rosebuds 

Growing flowers for decorating your home can be tiring as the die and lose their luster in the matter of hours. These flowers,with a natural coating, by Cote Noire are perfect for your center tables. With the White Hydrangeas scent, the flower set is as good as real. The pack features 2 extra bottles of the Hydrangea scent that you can spray whenever you feel the scent diffusing. What makes them appear so real and alluring is that fact that they are hand crafted by specialists. Make your home fresh looking and lively with this piece.


Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Hydrangeas and Rosebuds

$140 (Shop Now)



Etro – PertuisAigues Duvet Set 

This PertuisAigues Duvet Set is Italy made and will make your bedroom delectable with its color blend of purple, blue and green. The silky cotton sateen cloth, with a high 240 thread, is soft and comfortable for a good night’s sleep. This one is from Etro. The pillow case has been specially crafted to make your home alluring.


Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

PertuisAigues Duvet Set

$900 (Shop Now)

Voluspa – Japonica Limited Edition Candle – Panjore Lychee 

Style your home with this Japonica Candle by Voluspa. The candle sits on a tin container that features the Japonica pattern. The scent is the perfect bland of rich lychee fruit, sweet pear and warm vanilla husk that will take you in a trance. This candle is all you need this summer with its fruity aroma. With three candle wicks and a burn time of 60 hours, this scented candle was specially made for your home.

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Panjore Lychee

$12 (Shop Now)

Lexon – Flip+ Travel Alarm Clock 

Tired of those alarm clocks not shutting up? Get this Flip+ Travel Alarm Clock by Lexon that immediately shuts off with a flip. You can even set an alarm with just a flip and snooze it for a further five minutes of sleep. Start your day fresh and on time with this alarm clock that will never keep you from success even if you travel to another state; this is because of its portable design so you can carry it wherever you go. Its reversible electroluminescent display and touch sensors, make your bedroom trendy with the latest technology. Let this watch consume the room with its light yellow hue.

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Panjore Lychee

$25 (Shop Now)



Rory Dobner – Masked Skull Cosy Candle

Get style with a packing of soothing comfort with the Masked Skull Cosy Candle by Rory Dobner. Bless your house with its relaxing blend of scent featuring provocateur, wild fig and rose geranium all the way from England. Its exterior is embellished with a black ink design along with a pocket watch. The white base gives the most elegant contrast to the 22 carat gold design. This one is a candle plus decorating piece all in one. Accentuate the style in your house by placing this candle set with a dome shaped lid in your room. Made from fine bone chine, this piece is highly durable and safe.

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

Masked Skull Cosy Candle

$67.04 (Shop Now)

Mrs Moore’s Vintage Store – White Rabbit Teacup & Saucer

Have a cuppa’ tea as if you were sitting at a road shop in the heart of England with this tea cup and saucer by Mrs Moore’s Vintage Store. The set features a white rabbit silk print on the cup along with “Oh My Ears and Whiskers” print on the backside while the interior has a pocket watch pattern. The saucer has a timeless quote stamped on it. What makes it so vintage is the fact that all the patterns are hand drawn. Made from fine bone china, this set is heat proof and can thus be heated in a microwave. Your kitchen cabinets deserve to look enchanting with this exotic set.

Decor with amara - Rosi Ross

White Rabbit Teacup & Saucer

$32 (Shop Now)

Style your house like it was styled by a professional interior designer. A boring house is a boring life. Spark up those dark desolate corners and tables and fill them up with the help of Amara. Explore your creative side and live a little. A little glory in the house can turn your life around. Keep yourself occupied with Amara and channel your energy in designing that beautiful home you live in because home is where the heart is.