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Subtle is an urban and outdoor brand founded in 2014. It provides weather-resistant and fashionable pieces for city-goers across the globe. Additionally, the label expects to animate the outerwear from a street or urban perspective. The brand is merging between style and substance. This enlightens young city-goers as to a new concept of movement.

“From urban life to outdoor adventures.”

Over the years, the brand has become a reliable and affordable label. It covers people’s carrying needs. From urban life to outdoor adventures, providing high-quality outdoor products for its customers across the globe. Since 2014, Subtle has contributed to exploring the essence of the material. Additionally, the balance between functionality and Aesthetic. The ethos is to offer well-made products with particular opinions to enlighten an approach to lifestyle.

Subtle is interpreted as something delicate and sensitive. It’s a concept that defines the elements and details. It aims to elicit a new recognition of classics and unusual experience. This Brand is originated from Hong Kong. Is is made out of finest material, trend-conscious and rain-wear. For instance, Waterproof Streetwear and  Fashionable Outerwear. Additionally, it also has a diverse range of durable Bags, Footwear and Accessories.

When urbanites leave the city, the city doesn’t leave them! The natural outdoors encounter a beautiful kind of chaos. Consequently, an intersection inspiring the newest collection of waterproof bags. The bags for urban explorers!


Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross


Subtle x Kenji Chai

Society accepts “man’s best friend.” The friendly, clean, and obedient dogs. Moreover, when it comes to stray dogs, however, rejection is common and normal to people. While strays are commonly perceived as unseemly, homeless, and unwanted, there is one that challenges that image. The uniqueness!

Graffiti is sometimes a misunderstood art form. However, it’s what makes art accessible and gives a city its character. Therefore, no matter what city you go to anywhere in the world, there’s bound to be murals and graffiti around! Kenji knows how to make his mark. A signature in the form of character. This particular character however, is a little closer to home than most of us may realize.

“Chaigo” is the signature character of the graffiti artist taking the world by storm, Kenji Chai. It’s a bright turquoise dog that sports a mischievous mint green fur patch around his eye. It is a reminder of how easy it is to reject others based on appearances. Perhaps, this is the message Kenji wants to share with the world.

Chaigo has now found a new home with Subtle. Kenji designed two limited-edition Mr. Rain U1 umbrellas.The Stray” and “Vandal”. Both of which are available to purchase directly on the website’s store. Moreover, soon will be sale in selected shops in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.



Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross


MY “TO GO FOR”, Subtle x Mr. Rain

Mr.Rain 707 Folding Umbrella Kenji Chai – VANDAL

Subtle continues to push the boundaries of rain gear by launching a collaboration with the record-holding graffiti artist, Kenji Chai. His iconic character is “Chaigo.” A stray dog that uncharacteristically radiates positivity and warmth.

In this collaboration, Kenji makes a custom design featuring “Chaigo” for Subtle Mr. Rain U1 Folding Umbrella. This will be added to Subtle’s limited series of high-performance umbrellas. This celebrates pop and urban culture.


Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross

Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross


Why it’s worth:

  • Duo protection from rain and sun exposure.
  • UPF50+ ultraviolet protection.
  • DuPont™ Teflon® fabric coating technology.
  • Beechwood handle with laser etched label.
  • Duo layer of 190T pongee fabric.
  • Exquisite strap and packaged with dry sleeve.
  • Material: 190T pongee fabric.
  • Handle: beech wood.
  • Diameter: 42 inches.
  • Frame: three-section.
  • Shaft: fiberglass and aluminum alloy.

The Umbrellas Designer

Kenji Chai was born and raised in the city of simplicity, Sabah Sandakan . He currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. Kenji is passionate about graffiti mural, art, tattoo, and travels. He was bred in comics, cartoons, and storybooks from an early age. Additionally, he spent his days rummaging into these worlds of imagination. He injects a world of life and wonders into things that are overlooked. For instance, grey concrete walls and stray dogs.

His works include the use of cute and vibrant characters with his main medium being graffiti. Combining elements of pop culture, fictional censorship and a positive mental attitude. In all, he creates layered scenes of mischief!

For the past 7 years, Kenji has sent “Chaigo” running throughout Europe. Additionally, Australia, and Asia. More importantly, people are taking notice. Brands like Nando’s, Tiger Beer, and Johnnie Walker have commissioned Kenji for standout murals. Also, campaigns focused on wildlife conservation. His most recent project broke the Malaysian record for tallest mural recorded.


Mr. Rain B1 Dry Sack

Originally designed to store, carry and care the Mr. Rain Boots. Mr. Rain B1 is a fully waterproof dry sack that can be used as a backpack. It can also be used as a cross-body bag, or a handheld sack. Both stylish and functional. Subtle has a simple yet practical structure to protect your belongings and any other valuables. For instance, from water, dirt, dust and sun exposure while you’re in outdoor activities.

Mr. Rain B1 Dry Sack is consist of three different colors;

  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. and Yellow.


Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross


Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross

Favorite Subtle Products Review - Rosi Ross


Why it’s worth: 

  • Durable PVC and tech nylon
  • Ultimately waterproof
  • Roll-top opening
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multiple carrying options


Subtle’s purpose is to balance function with fashion. Additionally, urban aesthetics and outdoor functionality. The brand’s name means making fine distinctions. Also, sensitivity regarding fabric, workmanship, details and parts. They are using lightweight and waterproof polyurethane fabric. This with a rubberized coating. It can firmly withstand strong winds and heavy rains. Furthermore, it keeps the wearer both dry, comfortable and cool.