If you are looking to change the look of a space radically, renewing the ambiance and welcoming different styles, bright colors or vibrant, fresh fabrics and adding go-to items to complement, Tales On Silk brings that energy.

If you read my last article about the cushion aesthetics, then you are going to love these is gond cushion covers. We already know that cushions are a crucial complement to finish up the décor in any room, be it the living room, the master bedroom or the kids’ room. Aside from reinforcing a certain style, plain or patterned cushions are an ideal resource to break the status quo of a monochromatic design, as well as animating chairs and beds, and of course, give the room a breath of fresh air without too much effort.



Tales On Silk is a shop with a love for showcasing lesser known tribal arts of India to the world. Their effort for creating tribal art inspired, contemporary home decor pieces and tell the story of the artist who created them is invaluable. They focus on the art of the Gond, one of the largest tribes in India that can be traced back to the pre-Aryan era.

Back in the day, the Gond tribe painted their walls with vibrant depictions of local flora, fauna, and gods. Traditionally made on festive occasions, these paintings depict various celebrations, rituals and man’s relationship with nature using also natural colors derived from charcoal, colored soil, plant sap, leaves, and cow dung to deliver this art.

On this very special UN designated “International Day of Forests”, TalesonSilk is introducing a new collection which is a collaboration with the artist Santosh Maravi -an emerging Gond artist, who apprenticed under Mayank Jangarh Shyam. Santosh creates imagery with powerful stories behind them. The artist, from a village called Gaarkarmatta in India, has a family background ion Gond painting. With a personal inspiration on the environment and how it is changing. His paintings bring the message of deforestation to the forefront. TalesonSilk is offering a collection of his paintings and cushion covers based on 3  motifs with distinct messages:

In Conversation

This vibrant motif shows a conversation between two trees. They reminisce about the time when everyone – man, trees, animals lived in perfect harmony. There was forest everywhere and now wherever you look the only one you see is the man.


Herd of Elephants

A normally happy herd of Elephants taking some drastic steps to save their home. They think of carrying the forest with them so that they do not need to keep moving as forests are destroyed by humans. They believe that by simply carrying their home with them, they would not be harassed by humans and can live happily. 

Fish in a Pond

Inspired from the pond in this his village, “Fish in a pond” is a take on a narrow worldview from the perspective of a fish who can never leave the pond and not know what lies beyond it. 

If chosen correctly, these cushion covers can pull together all the elements of a room and bring harmony to a once busy or mismatched room. Selecting the right cushions or if you are applying the laws of feng-shui for your space can be very easy to get a calm, natural vibe. Mostly because ion the eyes of a Gond artist, everything is sacred and intimately connected to nature. What’s more, TalesonSilk has incorporated the message behind each of the motifs at the back of the covers to ensure that his message resonates loud & clear.

To add a new style full of fun and color to your spaces visit Tales On Silk and see all the awesome new things they have in stock.




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