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A Time To Make Things Work, A Time To Make Things Better, And A Time To Live In The Moment And Be Happy. And It’s Time To Talk About Theodora Watches, One That Tracks Precious Moments And The Reason Why My Time Flies So Fast Sometimes.


Theodora Watches – a gift from God

Theodora’s Watches comes from a Greek word Θεο+δώρα” which means  “a gift from God”. Theodora was a beautiful Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire, a brave, independent, decisive, intelligent and amusing woman. She was an angel of Emperor Justinian’s life and she was the emperor’s motivation for overcoming difficulties. And this is where the brand name “ Theodora” originated and established in 2017.

The Taiwanese brand hopes that everyone who comes to Theodora’s will find out their beauty and glamour just like Empress Theodora, who not only gave the Emperor’s support but also help all women protect their rights.



Hera Wine Red  – How can you miss this passionate classic watch with wine dial and rouge leather watchband if you are a red addict? Just a simple move on your wrist and the beautiful red glitter will reflect. Now with your unique and bright sparkle, catch everyone’s eyes on you. Also, it comes with a bracelet, so you can mix and match easily.

Theodoras Watches Rosi Ross



Zeus Neutral Dark Blue – Black Zeus Chronograph is a statement for a new age kind of man. Or why not for a woman with a strong spirit. The gorgeous combination of clean minimalism and timeless style. Blue Navy is the color of style perfection, and the shape plus the bracelet make the perfect two set combination to look stylish without reaching the “too much” point.


The Poseidon Skin Pink with a gold pink genuine strap. This simple but classic style can fit your outfit anytime. Just a gold pink watch on minimalist style, the color is perfect as is not too nude and not too pink. Also, the size is adjustable and you can manage to put it together on your own. Perfect for a gift!



Apollo Chronograph. The 3-sub bluish green dial featuring unique frosted black crazy horse leather makes you stylish and eye-catching. This elegant timepiece also highlights your outfit and elevates your style. The crazy horse leather is made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather cowhide surface. The leather which directly is dyed colors has natural color changes and its shade gives it the antique and vintage appearance. Some people may be allergic to leather or leather dye. In that case, you can choose the genuine leather or the Milanese one.

Hera Classic. This piece also called as “ Queen of Gods”, Elegant and Pure”. The combination of white dial and dark brown genuine leather is the most timeless classic of watches. Just wear this classic with you in your everyday life to experience unforgettable and pure moments. Discover the unique gift and treasure the moment.

Dark Blue

The face of the dark blue dial with a black Milanese strap is like a glittering ocean. It looks like the reflection of the stars in the ocean. The star shining in the black night sky is so romantic.

Neutral Black

With the match of simple black dial and metallic strap, it gives a smooth and light wearing. And, the identical color combination and strap material not only shows a prudent look but makes the whole design much lighter and tidier.

White Dial Grey

The simple color combination between white dial and light grey genuine leather watchband makes it a minimalist classic suitable for any occasion. In this comfy and easy watch, your innocence slightly glitters inside but your friendly and genuine heart completely shows outside.

Neutral Shimmering Silver White

The delicate Milanese strap not only ensures a perfect fit but brings you a vintage style in the golden color. And, the shining match of white dial and golden strap makes you confident anytime, anywhere just like an elegant and relaxed noble lady.

Zeus Neutral White with Dark Brown Strap – this is an elegant and classic item.

Your appearance is a statement of your personal status and success. So to match your personal style and taste with the watch, you have to have the sense of knowing the quality of any of the luxury watches with the consideration of choosing the best of the best.