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Founded in 1837 by the jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young. As a “stationery and fancy goods emporium”, Tiffany & Co initially sold a wide variety of stationery items. Became famous in the early 20th century under the artistic direction of his son Louis Comfort Tiffany.

The world’s premier jeweler and America’s house of design. An iconic brand with a rich and storied heritage. Tiffany is a global manufacturer and retailer of jewelry and luxury accessories. It sells jewelry, sterling silver, crystal, stationery, fragrances, water bottles, watches, personal accessories, and leather goods. 

The brand is known for its luxury goods, particularly it’s diamond and sterling silver jewelry. It markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style. These goods are sold at Tiffany stores and through direct-mail and corporate merchandising. The company operates more than 300 TIFFANY & CO stores in more than 20 countries.


Tiffany Blue Box Hong Kong Rosi Ross



In the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly, dressed in a black evening gown, pearls, and sunglasses, eats a croissant and sips a coffee in front of the store’s Fifth Avenue windows. But if she had only waited 56 years, she could’ve gone inside and ordered a cappuccino.

There are many reasons why the movie holds such a heralded spot in film history,—but the “one enduring thing” is its sense of style. “This movie is one of the reasons why the little black dress became a staple of the wardrobe.

At the end of the day, it’s about “one woman and her one New York experience,” starting with a little breakfast ritual. 



In this atmosphere of easy elegance and accessibility, visitors will discover the new and the renowned in TIFFANY & CO design. And strong statements at fashion’s leading edge that underscore Tiffany’s reputation as a premier jeweler and innovator.

In addition, the collections allow customers to experiment with designs responsive to fashion trends and create different looks to play up personal style. This exciting new concept is simply a new way of looking at Tiffany.



The property has the feeling of an upscale community with a chic fashion district that will complement our sophisticated store design and jewelry assortment that is up-to-the-minute in style.

At the same time, the store architecture and jewelry collections reflect our great tradition of quality and craftsmanship — familiar aspects of the TIFFANY & CO shopping experience that we look forward to delivering to our many customers in Los Angeles market. The Company pleased to be the first retail environment in the world to unveil this new concept shop by Tiffany & Co.



1.) Photo opportunities

Photo spots are aplenty in the store, and visitors can pose with many Tiffany blue-themed merchandise like suitcases

2.) Merchandise

Tiffany & Co. merchandise will also be on sale throughout the store. Apart from regular Tiffany merchandise, fans of the brand will be delighted to know that the “Tiffany @ Cat Street” collection is exclusive to this store.

There will also be a fragrance vending machine and a dedicated Style Studio that offers custom engraving.

3.) The Café

Last but not least, fill your tummies at the café. Apart from drinks like coffee and lemonade. The cafe also sells a variety of Tiffany blue food items such as ice cream, donuts, cookies and more.

The café is another reason to visit and we hope it will draw customers up to experience the artfully composed home of Tiffany’s new luxury home and accessories collection of elevated everyday objects.”



Tiffany’s first-ever retail dining concept – The Blue Box Cafe. 

The concept brings to life the magic and nostalgia of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of New York’s iconic stores.

The Blue Box Café marks Tiffany’s first retail dining concept. A superb move by the retailer to bring to life one of the brand’s strongest associations. The concept brings to life the magic and nostalgia of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and marries it with a modern luxurious dining experience, in the midst of one of New York’s iconic stores.

While a café within a store is nothing new, the Blue Box Café is a perfect extension of the brand. For many people, buying Tiffany’s product is an experience that is usually attached to a special event or celebration so, the café provides yet another way to extend the experience and create a series of memorable moments with the brand.



Holly Golightly

Serving American classics made with the highest quality and regionally sourced ingredients, the menu will evolve through the seasons. – For refined take on signature New York dishes reinvented to be uniquely Tiffany. You can finally get croissants and coffee-like Holly Golightly. People have been waiting for hours to get into the Blue Box Café. 

Tiffany & Co. has simplified the matter of breakfasting at Tiffany’s. No longer must all the would-be Holly Golightly’s wander the concrete below, coffee and croissant in hand, looking up at the store windows. They’ll have the Blue Box Café —the first of its kind—



Everything is Tiffany Blue. The café seats 40 guests A vivid jewel in the back, the restaurant makes the most of its compact space. It’s entirely Tiffany blue. The chairs have blue slipcovers, and the china plates—Krakoff originals—are dipped in blue glaze. The walls are painted Tiffany blue unless it’s a wall made of amazonite (nature’s Tiffany blue). 

The effect of dining inside one of Tiffany’s famed blue boxes, like some Tiffany-crazed genie who prefers crisp right angles to a bottle’s curves. “Design of the space began from the idea of immersion in Tiffany—not only the feeling of being inside a blue box but surrounded by Tiffany hospitality.


The Interior Decorations

The striking interior décor incorporates industrial details that evoke Tiffany’s craftsmanship and heritage. Playful and unexpected touches sit harmoniously alongside elegant finishes like herringbone marble and amazonite stone, reflecting the new Home & Accessories collection’s emphasis on everyday luxury.

The iconic Tiffany Blue® is infused throughout the interior floor plan and most notably at the forefront of the café’s design. “Both the café and redesign of the Home & Accessories floor reflect a modern luxury experience, space is experimental and experiential – a window into the new Tiffany

The setting is as inviting as the food is inspiring, serving customers who have always dreamed of having Breakfast at Tiffany. 

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