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If you believe in technology driving you to transform your life, as much as I do,  then Foreo is just the place for you! The company started off with just two employees in Sweden in 2013. It has evolved into a worldwide firm with more than 3000 employees and has managed to supply its products to 20 million people in such a short time. This is the first example of the fact that if a product is worth it, it will make its place in the world. Foreo employed amateurs who were passionate about working, but by now these people have mastered the art of working in the company. Their employees range from product producers to engineers with a unique outlook to life; therefore, unique Foreo products.


Who is Foreo?

Foreo has maintained benchmarks across the globe in different sectors by making visionary devices. Their goal at heart has always been to transform your lives and make your mundane everyday routine into pampering rituals with the help of the most efficient technological devices. Before the designing of any product, storming the world is their biggest goal. Foreo has therefore managed to grab awards like Elle Beauty Award 2019, Premios 2018, ‘Best Face Device’ by Cosmopolitan, Attracta Beauty Award 2017 and iF Design Award 2019, totaling to a hundred in just four years.

Foreo has inculcated in its workers the spirit of commitment and dedication. Its biggest aim has always been creativity and innovation; be it its products, work environment or planners. This makes Foreo unconventional and the breaker of norms. They have an identity and philosophy of their own. Their LUNAskincare devices have made people go wild for them. This has made their line a benchmark for all other facial care companies. A sharp switch from facial to toothbrush technology speaks volumes of their unique way of operating. Their ISSA line has changed the world of dental care forever for half a century. Their UFO smart mask device has also managed to conquer a stage where everyday pampering sessions have become common and this is just the beginning!


Foreo’s Hits

As a result of its thriving nature,Foreo has managed a worldwide presence through its entrance in 50 states and 15 global offices. Foreo has sold more than 4 million products through travel retail channels and has more than 2.5 million customers per month. The best sellers of Foreo are Luna mini 2, UFO, Make My Day Mask, Call It A Night Mask, H2Overdose Mask, Youth Junkie Mask, Luna 3, Luna 2, Issa 2, Issa Mini 2 and the Micro Foam Cleanser. Do check these out on their website.

– Traveler partner- Foreo

Let Foreo be your duty-free partner with its accessibility in Duty-Free retail stores in around 22 countries. Their products are widely available in airports like New York, Paris, Tokyo, Bali, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Seoul, and 40 other cities around the world. Travel the world with Foreo products as they are not only appealing to the eye but also travel friendly and durable, making them necessary travel partners. The top-notch technology paired with an exceptionally long battery life makes the Foreo devices travelers’ first choice. Some of their duty-free partners are Dufry, Heinemann, CDF, Aelia duty-free, DFS, The Shilla duty-free, Lotte duty-free, Shinsegae duty-free and Dongwha duty-free.

Foreo has mastered in three ranges:

  • Skincare

Foreo provides the latest and safest solutions to all your skin problems through its skincare. It has managed to develop T-Sonic pulsations and silicone in its devices for quick results.

  • UFO

UFO is the latest of Foreo’s work that has created the first-ever Smart Mask Treatment device for spa-like facials at home in just ninety seconds.

  • Oral Care

Oral Care consists of the stylish ISSA toothbrushes with the latest technology for youroral hygiene. Its Sonic Pulse Technology is a must-have.

What is T-Sonic technology?

The Luna is a product range by Foreo for your cleansing regime which is powered by T-Sonic technology which is the magical element of the series. The Luna by Foreo is actually in the shape of a brush meant for cleansing that makes use of T-Sonic technology. But what is T-Sonic? Let me break this for you. The T stands for Transdermal and the device used sonic pulses to reach deep into the layers of the skin to cleanse the skin thoroughly yet gently to deliver the best of results.

The Foreo Luna powers around eight thousand pulses per minute through the silicone junctions. It makes sure the brush is not too harsh on the skin and cleans clogged pores filled with dirt and oil by eradicating up tp 99.5% of dirt and 98.5% of makeup pigments that stick to the skin. It also removes dead skin cells for a lively looking face. The results of this device are proven to be much more effective than cleansing with the help of your mere hands. It also makes sure your skin’s natural essence remains intact, making the face look brighter and full of radiance.


Why should you choose Foreo products?

For someone willing to invest in products that are not too heavy on the pocket, make Foreo your first choice. It is the perfect choice because of its advanced technology adapted devices that are so durable you might never have to buy them again. Are you tired of visiting spas or dentists to enhance your facial beauty? Make Foreo your friend and do a little me time with Foreo products just by sitting at home! The devices have extraordinary battery life and the best designs to make you look beautiful wherever you go. The products are also traveling friendly and can easily fit into your bag without taking much space so that you can take care of yourself wherever you go.


Brand Philosophy

Foreo is at the top of the game of beauty with its experts at the Foreo Institute that helps maintain the Foreo’s ambition to transform the playing field by giving an innovative outlook to self-care. It wants to do this through a single goal: induce confidence to as many as possible. It has been ranked several times as the top brand in beauty tech devices. The heart of its philosophy has two main promises: quality and durability. They make use of the best of medically approved silicone that is hypoallergenic, free of toxins and phthalate.

The Luna brush does not catch dirt or makeup residue and it is easy to keep hygienic. This makes the brush long-lasting. If you charge for one hour, the battery lasts for approximately five months. The aim is to outshine the cosmetic industry and being at the top of all technology to cater to the needs of the people in the most unique ways. These devices are many celebrities’ and influencers’ first picks with Foreo’s amazing reach to the whole world.



Luna Play

This cute gift set contains the Luna play which is a pocket-friendly package. It comes in pretty packaging with seven exciting colors to choose from, perfect for gifting to yourself or your loved ones. The Luna Play is made with a sleek design and a two-zone brush to give you the best cleansing experience with its T-Sonic technology. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and radiant. Fun fact: you just need to use it for one minute twice a day. This set is proof that all good things come in the smallest of sizes.

How to Use the Luna Play

The first step to use the Luna play is to wet your face, then the Luna after you have removed all your makeup. Add your usual cleanser to the face and start cleansing through the Luna by pressing the button on the center once. Massage with the Luna play through circular movements on the cheek and chin but through outwards circular movement on your forehead as you begin from the center. For the nose, move the Luna play up and down on both sides. With gentle outward strokes, massage the under-eye area. When you are done, switch off the Luna play by pressing the center button again.

Thoroughly rinse your face after that. For hygienic purposes, wash the Luna play after every use with lukewarm water and soap to clean the brush. Dry the Luna with a towel or lint-free cloth. Preferable, spray the Luna play Foreo’s Silicone Cleaning Spray and then wash it with water.

$49 (Shop Now)



Issa Play

The Issa Play is a specialized toothbrush that is not only best for brighter, cleaner teeth but also the perfect match for your bathroom décor. The toothbrush is electronic and uses sonic technology to function. With 800 uses, this revolutionary brush breaks into the most stubborn of plaques while being gentle on the gums. Its protective coating is made with silicone to prevent bacteria from sticking on the surface. This Sonic Pulse Technology can give you the smile of your dreams! The bristles of the Issa Play attract fewer bacteria than a normal brush, with soft edges to give your gums a massage. Issa Play is waterproof so that you can carry it to the shower whenever you want. It charges through a USB that makes it hassle-free. With 16 varying speeds and twice the sonic power, making it the best choice for oral hygiene.

Apply toothpaste on the Issa brush and press the center button to play. Clean your teeth using wide circular motions for two and a half minutes and exercising every corner of the mouth. Press the center button again to stop and rinse your mouth. Do this twice a day for optimal results. Clean your Issa Play with lukewarm water and gentle strokes on the bristles. For better results, spray the brush with Foreo’s Silicone Cleaning Spray and let it air dry.

$49 (Shop Now)


Foreo IRIS Eye Massager

$139 (Shop Now)


This is another one of Foreo’s great show of technological advancements in skincare. With a unique design and T-Sonic technology, the Foreo IRIS Eye Massager helps to reduce bags under your eyes, dark circles or even crow’s feet. In addition to this, it is opthalmologist approved so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will actually be good for you! Here’s the cherry on top; it actually helps your skin under your eyes to fully absorb ANY eye cream and/or serum that you love to use.


FOREO UFO Smart Face Mask Treatment

The UFO Smart Mask Treatment is far more advanced in skincare than one could ever even imagine. Its treatments are a combination of formulas for decadent facial treatment as well as Korean Mask formulas. With a combination of Hyper-Infusion warming technology that uses heat to relax, soothe and revitalize as well as Hyper Infusion cooling technology, the UFO Smart Mask gives you an experience you never thought possible. Even more than this, the soothing facial massages enables efficient absorption of masks used. You will be left with radiant and healthy-looking skin.

$199 (Shop Now)



Foreo has established itself to cater to the needs of its customers. Leading artists are a fan of Foreos’s devices. Change your beauty game with these magical products and transform your beauty regime. I hope I encouraged you enough to take a glimpse at their website and order away at your leisure. In these contemporary times, let us take care of our skin ourselves and skip the spas and dentists all together!