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Xixilab was founded with the mission to improve smiles and inspire confidence through beautiful teeth. Xixilab believed that first impressions matter and a confident smile conveys a powerful image. They develop a convenient and affordable range of Clear Aligners to straighten your teeth. With over 20 years of experience in Dental Technology, the company Xixilab hopes to empower a good dental care habit through their technological expertise. The products are certified by CFDA, FDA and aligners are made using top quality medical grade plastic from Germany.

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Xixilab founded in 2017 by Lucas Englehardt and Miliyun Chiu. Growing up in the West, both founders had dental braces while in school. The unsightly two-year process leads them to appreciate the benefits of having nice teeth and being more conscientious in maintaining good oral health.


Lucas Englehardt is an experienced entrepreneur. He founded and sold one of the leading food delivery companies in China with 30,000 restaurants in 16 cities. While Miliyun has a strong medical background. He has a Ph.D. with molecular medicine, MSc in Health Economics and Policy. And he is experienced in oral health product development for some of the biggest global brands.


Both wanted to empower consumers, to manage their own oral health from the comfort of their own home. And both believe that first impressions matter and a confident smile conveys a powerfully positive image. In China, the average IQ is low and advanced dental treatments are often more expensive than in the US.

Xixilab can change that by offering free oral health information developed by healthcare professionals. Partnering with innovative dentists, labs, and manufacturers, they aim to offer high-quality products directly to consumers at affordable prices.


How does Xixilab ALIGNer work?

  1. 3D Scan and Consultation. Book an appointment for a 3D dental scan and personal consultation from the dentist.
  2. Smile Enhancement Plan. The dental lab professionals will create you a customized interactive 3D digital model of how your teeth will adjust over time.
  3. Customized aligners delivered to your door. Xixilab will deliver your complete set of aligners to your home, all in one box. You’ll also get our complimentary premium whitening kit and a retainer.

Teeth Aligned with Xixilab in just 3 Steps

  1. Contact your oral health consultant on Wechat: Xixilab_ Smile and provide photos of your teeth.
  2. Check the condition of your teeth and get your Smile Enhancement Plan
  3. Customize aligners will be delivered to your home.


To get your teeth in shape, reach out to Schedule an Appointment.

Whitening Kit and Retainer

In just two weeks, it will give you whiter and brighter smile!

  1. Brushing – Brush. ( Do not floss ) and dry teeth.
  2. Paint it on with the provided whitening gel – Apply a layer of whitening gel to your teeth 
  3. Light it up with a Booster – insert a booster light into your mouth and plug it in. 
  4. Smile! – Rinse mouth, clean the booster light and Smile!

xixilab teeth whitening x rosi ross


Facts about Wearing Invisible Aligners

People will not notice that you are wearing aligners at all. It is invisible, so you can confidently show your smile off with anyone ever realizing that you have aligners. Unlike the traditional braces;

  • Aligners are removable whenever you like,
  • Eat, drink and whiten your teeth as you normally would.
  • You can feast and drink anything you want.
  • Just remember to remove your aligners before eating and drinking anything besides cool water. And make sure that you brush and floss your teeth before you pop those aligners back in!
  • Doctors are available to facilitate your the teeth alignment process. Xixilab’s dentist will check in on you every month to monitor the progress of your teeth.
  • Xixilab allows you to straighten your teeth in an affordable, quick and effective way from the comfort of your own home.
  • Invisible aligners are easy, convenient and perfect for the young, working professional. We send your custom-made aligners right to your doorstep and you can communicate with your dentist directly on the progress of your teeth instead of making frequent visits to the dentist.

A Perfect body requires a lot of time and effort, so does a perfect smile. With Xixilab, getting a perfect smile is easier and faster. So take it as an excuse to improve yourself. If you love to smile and understand that body confidence is connected with healthy habits, get yours Xixilab Now!



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