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Since I do work on E-commerce and live in China where online rules. This is why here are my top reasons it’s still better to do your shopping online, personally, psychologically and financially.


Buying products online can be good or bad depending on the amount of research and knowledge we have about online shopping. Here some of the things you should be aware under my experience on E-commerce.


There are so many lists and tips of what to pack for a short and long travel but what is more important is how to pack it. Here some tricks you can use to save space and keep your aesthetics.


Lafuma products are designed with style and ergonomic to provide the best comfort and protection in all outdoor activities. A brand filled with chic street style and a lot of good aesthetics. As my first Shanghai Fashion Week, I couldn’t miss.


Shanghai Fashion Week is the most important place to know what is the importance of every fashion design and lifestyle brand behind Chinese eyes. Packed with events and runaways here everything I learned from my experience attending it.

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  • I grow up in a family where everyone is welcomed. My grandma used to say "be always kind, do not harm to other or yourself and don't do judgements". Based on that I got to learn from the Orthodox, the Jew, the Buddhist, the Islam. I have asked things I shouldn't to the Priest and the Monks🤷🏼‍♀️
Truth is, our belief system influences and affects our lives from the people we hang out with, the experiences we have and even our business relationships.✖️
Whatever you believe in you are acting upon it. Check out what serves you, evaluate what doesn't. Do not force it on others but rather show its beauty through your own existence. Your life was made to be like a movie, better deliver a juicy plot 🍿🍭
  • Last winter I was struggling big time with my natural hair I was looking like a poodle and not a cute one. So this summer I got time to research for the perfect partner✖️
Curly hair can get so out of control and honestly it gives lot of hard work to dry it besides the brush and to do the proper styling🙃
Since my last trip during summer I got ready for fall and winter. Since then I've been using @lorealhair Dream Long and I'm so hooked 💘 the #Stylista cream is magic✨ and even if I still having a lot of work to do to calm the mess-up-there the complete system gets the work done so hello winter, hello curls, here we go! 🙅🏼🌸
#perfectcurls #winterishere
  • Get you friends that invites you to the opera, to the orchestra, to the play, to the circus, to the arts. Get you friends that seek for the deeps of life and are always craving for little adventures. You are the people you hang out with. Now, in 5 years and forever✖️
  • To ask a wish to the Buddhist God is not only the ribbon thing, there's a full process on the art of asking Gods for wishes🐉
First, the red ribbons are printed with a pray in gold, so you have to chose a wish from the wish list. 📎
Following, the ribbon keeper will give you a ribbon with the exact pray related to the wish you are asking for. 🔖
Then you have to write something on the ribbon in vertical way.🖋
I learned from the monks in Hong Kong that you better be thankful first in order to be granted for anything in your life. In Buddhism not being thankful is like not being fulfilled or feeling enough with the things we already have. If you are not in peace with what you have, then why are you asking for more? Think about that. 🤷🏼‍♀️
For the thankful pray you must first light candles, make a thankfulness pray burning incense and bowing to the sky. Last, pick the tree to tight your wish. 🌲✨✨✨
On the Kalpataru wish list let me know what your red ribbon is wishing for👇
  • In Buddhism the Kalpataru was revealed by Shiva to his wife Parvati in order to save their daughter from the demon. They send their daughter to the God Kalpavrishka for safe and told him to bring up her daughter with "safety, wisdom, health as happiness" and to make her the protector of the forest. The story say Shiva called her "kalpa" which means: whatever you desire and "taru" which means tree.🌲🎟
"Whatever you wish for, you will get it from this tree"🖤
In Chinese culture, color red symbolizes good luck and joy. It's believed that tying a red ribbon to the Kalpataru will make your wish come true. The higher the ribbon is tied, the likely is that the wish come true.✨✨✨
📍Kenzhi Garden