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Winter is associated with snow and freezing temperatures. These are some must know tips based on facts, hacks and how to deal with them in order to stay warm and at the same time look amazing during this time of the year.


Perhaps, you have already committed to a “New Year’s resolution” which is a good start! However, resolutions tend to be all or nothing! So, instead of a resolution, set goals. Here is how to do it!


In China only about 1% of people are Christians so Christmas is celebrated only in the major cities. It’s not even a holiday during December 25th so here is my list of things to do if you ever stay in Shanghai for this dates.


In Hong, Kong Rooftops are too many and definitely, the place to relax the mind, unwind, eat, coffee and experience to see the world in a bigger picture. Here are on my experience the ones you deserve a visit!


We all experience stress and worries, also happiness and thankfulness, for different reasons. Either you want to move forward, keep your mind focus or grow in your business these are my recommended daily practices.


LV is more than just luxury items, full of interesting historical insights this brand was born to change peoples lifestyle and make a strong revolution in fashion. Here’s the list of the things you didn’t know about Louis Vuitton.

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For this duty -not easy at times- I put practice on the following 8 rules: 
1. Set realistic and achievable goals. These should be something that appeal to you as it’s hard to go after another person’s goals⌛️
2. Think of meaningful ways to reward your progress💎
3. Expect to have set-backs and to encounter obstacles. When that happens, focus your mind and renew your determination. Refuse to give up💣 
4. Decide to be a positive thinker. Refuse to stop believing in yourself. When you feel discouraged, decide that you’ll fight on🔋
5. Share your goals with others, and seek encouragement when you’re finding it hard to keep going on your own🗣
6. Practice saying no to other options and distractions that may seem appealing – but distract you from achieving your goal☝️
7. Post inspirational quotes in places you can see to encourage you to work to achieve your goal💡
8. Practice self care so you don’t burn out. You need to pace yourself if you are going to reach your goal🥃
Let me know which one are you putting in practice this 2019 to move forward👇