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Naxos is big and truly blessed with beautiful beaches. This one is literally one of the greenest islands in the Cyclades with impressively high mountains and fertile valleys. Also with white aesthetics. The town has beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles. Attractive not only to those seeking sunlight, bars, and bikinis, but also those looking for original Greek culture and nature.

Compared to Mykonos, this place is more relaxed. The main attractions here are based on a chill beach style, cultural tours, and calm lifestyle. The island is pretty big so you will have a busy schedule, rich in agriculture and tradition. You can enjoy what is local Greek lifestyle and enjoy their finest beaches in the Cyclades.

For the beach, the trick is to BOOK THE FRONT SUNBEDS. Most of the cool places will be packed at 10 am so make sure to arrive early. Also, some places are going to be expensive than others. You can get discounts for food or drinks though. Lastly, if you are not thinking about renting a car, the local bus can take you to the beaches and touristic places.


Agios Prokopios

This is one of the most popular and most beautiful places I have been. Golden sandy beach, turquoise blue water that makes every picture you take look like a postcard or an advertisement. There are plenty of seafood tavernas, cafes, bars, pizza, and fast-food restaurants. Plus, couple of nightclubs on the beach where people staying in the area can have their share of nightlife without going to Naxos town.

Be aware that this beach is 6km from Naxos. Book a couple of days in this part of the island or take the bus at the shore which is only 2 Euros per way. As you wish, coming to this side of the island is always a good idea.




Plaka is 10 km from Naxos town and is considered by others to be the best and stunning beach on the island with about 5 km of golden sand. It isn’t crowded, quieter, more secluded spot, calm atmosphere that makes it perfect for relaxation and great for families.

The beach is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, water-sports. There are few hotels, restaurants, and cafes that provide food throughout the day. It is an unofficial nudist beach which means bathing suits are optional. Honestly, it can be a little windy but excellent views. Take the bus from town to the terminus then walk away from the busy area. A small shop is located at the side of the bus stop for any supplies, so the location is ideal.

In Plaka I recommend spending the day at Tortuga, the bohemian inspired setting is unique, the food and the vibe of the place are amazing (they have breakfast all day). Definitely heaven.



“Book the front sunbeds, most of the cool places are going to be packed at 10 am so make sure to get there early”




The 3 km white sandy beach of Kastraki is located away from the busy town and the crowded beaches. It is well known for its unspoiled natural environment, beautiful lacy shores and sand dunes. Plus, the crystal clear waters and the rare shadowy cedars that give an exotic feeling. The water is safe and is perfect for sunbathing, swimming and long beach walks.

It is located 16 km from the shore, about 20 min drive from Naxos town and 10 km from the airport so, if you want to stay away from the touristic part of the island and enjoy tranquility, clean and calm beach, nice food then this is the best place to stay.

Access to the beach is made via asphalt road and a dirt road which makes it easy to drive by car or motorbike. Our suggested route to get there from Naxos Town is go south, passing through Vivlos village where you will see the sign after about 16 Kilometres to your right. Kastraki beach is quite long. From then on you can walk on the beach and decide where it is you want to swim.

At Kastraki beach, visitors can find quite a few accommodation units and taverns. Some of which are averagely priced in the area and some have an amazing view. The Kastraki area is an ideal holiday retreat for those who wish to be in a quiet area and close to the nicest, endless and sandy beaches of the Island. Nudists enjoy some quiet areas of the beach since it is quite secluded.