xixilab teeth whitening rosi ross

Xixilab develops a convenient and affordable range of Clear Aligners to straighten your teeth. With over 20 years of experience in Dental Technology, the company empowers a good dental care habit through their technical expertise and whitening kits.


Takashi Murakami is known for his color saturated and sexually deranged anime artworks, often outshine by his psychedelic asphyxiating vision where his works are characterized by bright flower-headed figures and uniqueness. Discover all about him in this post!

Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial x Rina Kozyreva Rosi Ross

Rina Kozyreva went to the makeup school, absorbed knowledge like a sponge and practice various elegant techniques, her forever fave is “Fashion Makeup” wherein she finds freedom, diverse color, and unpredictable finale. Check her Ariana Grande Makeup tutorial here!

Rosi Ross x My Secret Leaf

It has been believed that a way to healthy and glowing skin starts with good, natural and chemical free products. The flawless, blemish and acne free skin that you’ve always wanted is no more a dream, but a reality. Here are some secrets brought to you by Secretleaf.

Subtle Park x Subtle Park

Subtle is an urban and outdoor brand founded in 2014 in Hong Kong. The label expects to animate the outerwear from a street or urban perspective, subtly merging between style and substance to enlighten young city-goer, made of the finest material and trend-conscious.

Zoobeetle is best known for its quality leather goods founded by Parisian sisters; Elsa and Johanna. It is the realization of a dream to create a stylish and beautifully-crafted collection of accessories influenced by their love for art and travel.


According to the Google trends the top three most commonly asked beauty questions were all about eyes and lashes. Mascara, eyeliner is one of the most popular beauty products too and that leads us to Mea Beauty products a Thai brand full of power and trend.

A.C.F is a contemporary streetwear brand with an eco and ethical ethos. The brand knows no gender and its mantra is “Better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing”. Bold silhouettes and unique color combinations. Give it a look! You will be hooked!

Saint Iris Adriatica or SIA, is a new dynamic British Brand found in 2018. It’s a name inspired by the sweet Iris of Dalmatia, traditionally offered to goddesses and saints for protecting spice cargoes in route from East to West via Adriatic ports.

MASE is an art-inspired vibrant brand from Hong Kong with a colorful concept of living.  What makes it unique is that the prints are composed of storytelling matched with color therapeutic methods, allowing you to self-express at your finest.

Tales On Silk has this amazing collab with Santosh Maravi and I couldn’t say “no” to join. Santosh is not only a Gond artist further than that he is an environmentalist that brings art to a conversation about today’s real issues we all should be aware of.

Cushions are always dressing up spaces, adding color, shapes, and textures. Now that I am looking for decor for my new place I am looking also to help you understand how you can transform any room into a colorful, cozy heaven.

With his distinctive appearance, his powdered white ponytail and dark sunglasses Lagerfeld’s was as captivating as his gorgeous and daring fashion designs. Here are 11 fashionable facts we all should pick up from his legacy.

Good Feng Shui in the Year of the Pig 2019 reflect ideas that blend comfort and functionality with a softness of pastels and neutral colors. Pigs are friendly animals and enjoy simple things in life. Enjoy this friendly list of decor for the Pig Year.

Winter is associated with snow and freezing temperatures. These are some must know tips based on facts, hacks and how to deal with them in order to stay warm and at the same time look amazing during this time of the year.

when you are in Hong Kong, it’s almost impossible not to take photos at every corner and capture every beautiful moment. This is my list of personal hidden places for IG photos you can’t miss.

Either it’s in December, Birthdays, Mom’s day, for Bae, surprising your loved ones when you are away is an excellent way to show your feelings. These are my fave online places for giving love.

Traveling seems like a normal activity to do, but your skin gets exposed to temperature and pressure changes. Here you have a small guide of tips and tricks to keep it in style while traveling.

Asians, mostly Koreans are famous for their radiant skin. This quick guide to learn their technique can be tough at first, as requires attention to products and procedures but its 100% worthy.

There are so many lists and tips of what to pack for a short and long travel but what is more important is how to pack it. Here some tricks you can use to save space and keep your aesthetics.

Elegance, independence, and non-conventional flow is what 衣架 introduced on its SS19 runaway. A luxury brand with a lot of oriental aesthetic and chic to go style. Welcome to know this brand.

Lafuma products are designed with style and ergonomic to provide the best comfort and protection in all outdoor activities. A brand filled with chic street style and high aesthetics. I def. couldn’t miss.

If fashion is your life and it matters most to you, after planing the top places you want to visit, here are some tips to create your perfect packaging routine for every trip. 

Here my visit to Stylenanda Korea, the original house of the famous 3CE makeup. Not really using make up in China, but worth the visit.

All cultures have their own standards but selfies are selfies and a beauty is a beauty. From China to Panama since the word “selfie” belongs to the dictionary we know a good angle, a good light, and a good aesthetic is everything.

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