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There are so many lists and tips on what to pack for short and long travel, but what about how to pack them? When planning for a trip, there’s a lot to go over and consider; visas, booking, the weather, itineraries, things to do, etc., but these are the least of your concerns because the most stressed inducing part of any trip is packing for it. So, here’s how to pack effectively and efficiently on my experience.


Smart tips for packing  - Rosi Ross


They say, pack lighter and go further! And in order to do that, you need to ensure that you have all your must-haves by making a checklist. It helps to keep track of everything so that you won’t forget a thing then, cross it off when done.

Start your packing process ahead of time (have them ready at least a week before) and consider the following important reminders before packing;

  • List of clothes and shoes, toiletries, miscellaneous, jewelry and carry on must-haves.
  • The right luggage as per TSA’s direction (depends on the airline’s guidelines but most set the upper limit at 22x14x9 inches – carry on)
  • Remember the TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule – pack liquids that exceed a total amount of 3.4 oz in your checked-in luggage. Anything less is fine.
  • The luggage weight limit for check-in luggage
  • Pouches and bags to organize everything on independent groups

And before packing, set aside the clothes that you’re going to wear on the trip. The one that you think is the heaviest clothes like a jacket, pants, shoes, scarves and all that you can wear to layer because it can be very cold on the plane. That way, you don’t have to pack them because you are wearing them. It’s very important when you do the whole packing process.


“Start your packing process ahead of time, have them ready at least a week before”



Roll! Don’t Fold

Rolling is superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones (Folding take up so much room in your suitcase and decreases your clothes). Plus, they are less prone to getting deep wrinkles. It compresses the clothes while making it easier to stack and pack a tiny section of your bag.


  • Distribute the weight wisely by placing heavier things at the bottom of the bag where the wheels are, like shoes (use a shower cap to cover the sole of your shoes or plastic will do) and Jeans. Fill your shoes with socks, belts or underwear for added space.
  • Roll them as tight as possible followed by the lighter ones at the top like your knits, wool, and cotton. Once you’re left with formal and more structured items, switched to folding. That’s when you add up cubes of undergarments, toiletries, and accessories.
  • Cover the pile with a dry-cleaning bag and top them with the clothes you’ll need first like sleepwear and bathing suits.


Use Packing Cubes

Another method is to use packing cubes not just to organize but to compress your clothes and maximize space. These help separate items and find things more quickly once you get to your hotel. On the contrary, if you don’t have a lot to pack, rolling them are good enough.


Use Ziplock bags

Say Bye! Bye!, to liquid spills. Be it shampoo, body wash, scents, lens solution, creams, etc, your packing can’t be completed without them. Avoid any spills on your favorite dresses/shirts and consider them as one of your essentials to bring. Have several sheets in your carry on bag for your loose electrical wires, headphones, goodies or even for your passport and mobile. You’ll never know when you needed them. It’s also best to keep all your cosmetics intact and organized.

Safety tips for cosmetics:

  • Blush, Bronzers, eyeshadows – Keep them from cracking by placing cotton pads in between the compact powder and the lid.
  • Spill-proof travel toiletries by adding a square piece of plastic over the lip of the bottle before covering it.
  • Protect your favorite perfume by covering with your sock and stuff inside a shoe. Alternatively, transfer some into a plastic atomizer that can be purchased in most beauty supply store.
  • Pack all your hair and cosmetic products into one waterproof see-through pouch that you can take into the bathroom with you – these will keep all your things clean and dry.
  • Light & Tight – transfer glass products into light containers (face creams/night serums/moisturizers) instead of bringing them along, add a few pumps into your travel size plastic containers. And most importantly, pack them tight as possible by stuffing some fabrics inside your makeup purse for extra padding so that items won’t rattle against each other during your journey.


Smart tips for packing  - Rosi Ross


Pack a reusable tote bag

These will keep dirty clothes separate. That way, they don’t get mixed up with your clothes, they won’t stink up your luggage and you can easily sort through for laundry time.


Packing Carry on

Never check in essential items. It is very important to keep your valuables in your hand carry bag, not in your checked luggage. Your passport, identification, credentials, electronics, wallet, other basic needs and a pair of clothing and undergarments. Wrap it and put it at the bottom of your carry on bag. That way, you have a backup plan in case you lost your luggage. After packing, measure the height, width, and length of your bags and weigh them to ensure they fit the guidelines of your airline.